Oh No She Didn't Just Say Brain Rot!

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Something happened yesterday that's bothering me and I just had to get it out.

Yesterday morning J-Man had his yearly physical. His regular pediatrician was booked up so we had to see a newer doctor in the practice. I really like our regular doctor and I admit I wasn't thrilled about going to a different one but I tried to keep an open mind going in.

It started out well enough with the basic blood pressure, weight, height thing then she asked if J-Man usually had more than 2 hours of "screen time" a day. I said that yes he did. Then she turned to J-Man and told him "There are studies that show that more than 2 hours of "screen time" per day will rot your brain and you'll get something called ADD and then you'll have to take yucky medicine for the rest of your life."


Did she just tell my son that TV/computer/video games were going to rot his brain? You bet she did. Then she told him we needed to get a timer and he could play for 30 minutes and when the timer went off he had to stop.

Why would you tell a child his brain will rot? If he was a worrier like 2 of our daughters he would've been in tears. Fortunately he just thought she was a little crazy and isn't concerned about his brain rotting.

I'm not a confrontational person, so I didn't say anything to her, which I now regret. C'mon everybody knows that too much "screen time" isn't good but can't you word it a little better than brain rot? I also didn't know that ADD was caused by watching too much TV, etc. How come I don't have ADD? Because I watched a hell of a lot of TV when I was little. I'm a whiz at Brady Bunch and Gilligan's Island trivia. Not really a marketable skill, but you've got to go with what you have. So now we can blame all the parents of children with ADD, tell them it's their fault because their little ones got too much "screen time"?

Some days he doesn't play any video games at all. He's not a big fan of television so that's not even an issue. I think if we set limits on it he's only going to want to play more. It will be more appealing to him. He always asks if he can play and he always shuts it off when I tell him to.

Besides, what is she thinking? How am I supposed to get all of my blogging done if they aren't busy rotting their brains???? Hello!

What's your opinion on the whole "brain rot" comment?

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