Don’t worry, this is not a perving post although I am consistently perving. That’s for the record. You can expect me to ogle my eyes blind if ever a cute guy walks past or flash abs across my computer screen. But this is not about perving….not today, anyway. Maybe tomorrow.

Love is a very funny thing because it’s an all-encompassing emotion that can literally take over a person’s life and make all their decisions for them. For instance, you fall in love with a man/woman and you could be digesting your own stomach linings and not feel a thing.

Oh Boy, and when you have a kid….oh gosh, it’s so all-encompassing that you don’t need sleep. EVER. I'm totally, totally serious about this! Grab a parent and ask! Even for those who claim to have waking up problems can hear their child’s whimper in the dead of the night.

Love is an extremely crazy feeling.

Come to think of it, it’s so crazy that you can love anything or anyone and they don’t have to love you back.

Parents, kids and siblings – I love them to the core and I think….maybe….perhaps… could be that they love me back when I am sane. I think. I’ll try to confirm that they love me back by SMS.

Friends – People who have friends would know that sometimes we annoy the shites out of each other and don’t see eye-to-eye about a lot of things but man, you love your friends. Sometimes, they don’t have to love you back the same way, you know.

Perved-on stars - My 2 Ryans (Reynolds and Gosling), my 2 Hughs (Jackman and Dancy) and my 1 Robert (Pattinson – duh? Why is this is a bracket?) – I love them and practically stalk their lives from half-way across the world. I know where they are all the time and whose hands they are holding, which bar they hit, whose boots needs some extra TLC. Scary.

And yet, they don’t have to love me back. It’d be scary if they DID love me back as an individual! I think I’ll run for the hills if they do….no, really. But not before checking out and maybe making use of some of those hot ‘tools’ they have hidden under the clothes. Kidding, kidding! Hehehehe….

Dead or non-living objects and stuff – I WILL burn them (despite loving them) if my books start proclaiming their love for me just because I clothe them in plastic. Like….GARRRGGGHHHHH!!!

Someone – Here’s where love is most apparent. When you love someone and that someone does NOT feel the same way and you don’t hate them or ask why. You continue to love them. The whole idea of love is that it’s a free thing – they don’t have to feel the same way about you and it’s STILL love. Isn’t that amazing?

Love is when you love someone knowing full well that there will never be sexual penetration (Oh, oops! Sorry….) and that you’re just going to be the way you are no matter how you try to work your way around the situation. But there’s a real value to this kind of love when you love someone and let that someone be and still retain the right to love her/him.

So....go the world, love life, love everything right thing moment.

Take a deep breath and feel it. Yyyyeeeaaaahhh….doesn’t THAT feel fantastic already? :-)

Click away if you don’t want to catch me perving.

Hehehehe…..kidding again.

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