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In light of the recent findings of arsenic in apple juice in an independent study of Dr. Oz and his associates, I thought it would be a good idea to reiterate, once again, the importance of eating organic food, especially when it comes to feeding your children. In his study of 5 different brands of apple juice, he found that of the brands he tested, none of the organic juices contained unsafe levels of arsenic, while many of the other brands, 10 of the 36 samples, contained unsafe limits. (The “unsafe” limits were determined for our drinking water by the FDA to be over 10 parts per billion). The arsenic levels that were found to be unsafe were in popular brands in which the apple juice concentrates comes from other countries such as China, where arsenic levels are not always regulated and may still be used in pesticides, thus finding its way into the drinking water. There are several debates circulating in the media questioning Dr Oz’s testing methods, as well as the FDA’s response to this matter. Whatever you choose to believe, the moral of the story is…..dont stress about and just buy organic apple juice……

What is organic?  Simply stated, organic products are raised, grown and processed without the use of synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, antibiotics or hormones.

Better for our Children

Studies show that children are exposed to four times the level of pesticides in food than adults. Pesticides affect children more profoundly due to their higher metabolisms and smaller body mass. According to the National Academy of Science, “neurological and behavioral effects may result from low-level exposure to pesticides.” Numerous studies show that pesticides can adversely affect the nervous system, increase the risk of cancer and decrease fertility. Buying organic foods and products promotes a less toxic environment for our children and all living things.

Better for our Community

Consumers should consider supporting our local organic farmers and make an effort to buy organic produce, dairy and meats as close to home as possible. The average U.S. grocery store’s produce travels 1500 miles before it reaches your refrigerator. Not only is this a tremendous waste of fossil fuels but also burns up energy because of the refrigeration required to keep foods from spoiling. When you buy local, food is fresher and there is less packaging involved. It also protects our beautiful California farmlands from becoming developed. Buying locally creates a stronger, more sustainable local economy for all of us to live in.

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