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                  Amanda's doodling

         Andrew's take on the same clipart

Service started normally enough. I was already pumped up since I was listening to classic rock on the way in. Amanda threw a fit when the Beatles came on but when I changed the station Clapton was just starting, so all was good.  We headed into church knowing it is Youth Sunday, which means the Youth Minister is in charge of all songs and everything up to the sermon. Translation: Contemporary songs!

After several very welcome non-hymns, we had to tolerate an otherwise nice member of our congregation telling us we weren't Christians if we don't vote for whom he says we must. Which led to me ranting on my bulletin and passing it off to Amanda to read.  
Then we were off...
It was mentioned that more cars were needed for Trunk or Treat. I figured since the Subaru would be there (because we were moving the van's decorations to the interior of the van to stay out of the rain and therefore people wouldn't be able to ride in the van without the seats) we could put the Subie to use. I wrote in my bulletin that we could use both cars instead of just the van. Since we already know what the van will look like, I wrote that we needed an idea for the Subie. Amanda and I then wrote ideas back and forth to each other.
We decided the Subie should be decorated as a tech booth (Matthew later pointed out that since it will be raining on Halloween, the Subie will be a "tripod" for the church's camcorder to record the events for playback during the next service - bummer!) 
We continued writing in the bulletin:
Me: Hey! My shirt and socks match!
Amanda wondered out loud about the sound coming from behind us.  
Me - writing on the bulletin: "crickets?" 
Amanda: No! A fan or something like that! 
Me - observing we are sitting in front of the tech booth: There is a fan under the counter and several towers. (Matthew later pointed out that there are 16 fans running in the booth, both inside and out of computers.) 
Amanda: *winking tongue sticker-outer face*   
Me: *smiling tongue sticker-outer face*
Amanda: drew the Vulcan sign and wrote "Live long and prosper".
Even though we were passing notes I was still listening to the sermon and noticed a reference to putting a serpent on a stick and praising him, to which I wrote:
Are we supposed to praise snakes?
Question#2: Didn't he just describe the symbol for the American Medical Association?
Question #3: Does this mean we are supposed to praise the AMA? 
That would explain the idea of being healed from poison.
Amanda: LMAO. 
Me: Then what will you sit on?
Amanda: *winking tongue sticker-outer face* 
Me: *smiling tongue sticker-outer face*
Amanda: *peace sign*
Me: Peace Man
Me - in response to something being said in the sermon about "looking": Brown Bear, Brown Bear what do you see?
Amanda: ?
Me: I see Amanda looking at me
Amanda: I ain't looking (although it looks like she wrote "I ain' Hooking")
Me: You were
Amanda: Ain't
Me: Don't say ain't or your mother will faint.
Amanda: You ain't going to faint. You ain't Mary Warren from "The Crucible".
Me: Are you sure?
Amanda: Yes
Me: You may be wrong.
Amanda: I'm right.
Me: ♫You may be right. I may be crazy. but I just may be the lunatic you're looking for♫
Amanda: *squinting tongue sticker-outer face*
Me: Your face is going to freeze like that.
Amanda: LOL
Me: Lollipop, lollipop. Oh, lolli lollipop.
Amanda: haha
Me: Hahaha, Hohoho. What a sight to see. Under my lollipop, lollipop, lollipop. Lolli lolli lollipop tree.
Amanda: I don't know you, lady.
Me: Then why do you follow me?
Amanda: *squinting tongue sticker-outer face*
Me: See, your face is stuck.
Amanda: *dead eyes toothy-smile face*
Me: Did I just kill you?
Amanda: *rolls eyes*
Me: Don't roll your eyes at me young lady!
Amanda  - writing as we stood for the last song: Wuv you mommy.
Then to Sunday School where the pastor in some far-away land - Oklahoma(?) referred to books of the Bible as "boogers" and proceeded to tell us about how he ran down the road after a pickup truck of rednecks when they cat-called to another pastor's wife. 
An observation that drives me batty each Sunday when I watch the video: that speck on the screen that reflects the light and makes a shiny spot seriously needs to be found and cleaned. I don't care if it requires an extension ladder to get to it.
Conversation from a previous Sunday School:
Andrew: How is the van running?
Me: The wheels turn until I get here.
Andrew: How do the brakes work?
Me: They stop the van
Andrew: Did the brakes work okay?
Me: I didn't run any stop signs
Andrew: *bangs head on pew*
Pastor in far-away land on screen: Have you ever prayed for something stupid?
Andrew: I once prayed to be a shape-shifter
Me: *chokes on coffee*
Andrew has passed out sugar packets during Sunday School. Should I worry? 

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