Orange Oil vs Tenting - Which Works Best for Treating Termites In Your Home?

If you have gone online and looked at different options that will help rid your home of drywood termites, you have likely seen the ongoing debate between Orange Oil versus tenting or fumigating a home.

While it is apparent that both methods are effective as a means of destroying termites, here are a few strengths and weaknesses that each approach brings that can likely help you to make your choice.

Environmental Impact:

Orange oil is lauded for its ability to take a natural substance that is deadly to drywood termites but not humans and apply it liberally throughout the home without causing any environmental stress. Tenting has the potential to be a environmentally safe- but it really is a function of what you are tenting a home with. In most cases using a substance like sulfuryl fluoride to tent a home will have more than 4800 times the impact on the environment than releasing the same amount of carbon dioxide according to the San Francisco Examiner.


Again, orange oil's non-toxicity makes it a very convenient way to get rid of termites because you do not need to leave your home or be inconvenienced while the treatment is being applied. If you have your home tented, depending upon the chemicals used, you will need to leave until the danger to your family from noxious fumes has dissipated. You will also likely need to do lengthy preparation such as removing dry foods so that they do not become contaminated when the home is tented. 


While both methods are effective, there are some caveats that are important for a homeowner to understand. First of all, if you are planning to use orange oil, you want to make certain that the specialist that you use excels at finding termites. This is because the oil spray will kill termites and destroy their nests on contact only. The specialist therefore needs to find all of the locations in your home where termites are living. 

Specialists that combine use of equipment like fiberscopes with their years of experience can be quite effective at locating and destroying all of your termites. With fumigation, your home will be shrouded and the gas will roll in- settling throughout your home and wholesale killing all of the termites resident there. If you do choose to use tenting as a method of getting rid of termites, be certain to ask if there are less toxic chemicals available for the exterminator to use within your home.

Pricing and Warranty: 

Whether your home is large or small, pricing can be quite competitive. In some locales, orange oil can be slightly more expensive because it is more labor intensive to search the home to find the areas where termites are. Tenting can become expensive when the setup time for the tent takes longer because of the configuration of your home- especially if you have roof gables that make it difficult for people to walk upon. 

A key question that most homeowners will want to know the answer to is just what level of service does the contract that you sign really provide you with. If there are termites that somehow survive the orange oil or tenting process, are they covered under a warranty for a set amount of time so that you do not need to keep repaying your exterminator to come out and spray again? Of course, as with many types of maintenance work, it underlines the need to find a specialist that has the experience to be effective the first time. On the orange oil side, reputable service is a hallmark of firms like Insect Free

Overall, orange oil seems to be the most popular choice for many people currently because it doesn't upend their family lives in the middle of the week while they are at their busiest. 

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