Any woman can breastfeed a baby, however, sometimes the desire to feed the baby stumbles upon serious obstacles.

So, the choice of the mixture for food must be approached very thoroughly. For example, you can order the mixture of European Formula on the site

Here you can find the detailed explanation about organic baby mixes like:

  1. Holle
  2. Lebenswert Bio
  3. HiPP
  4. Topfer.


Holle Organic Infant Formula Stage 1 includes 99% of natural ingredients. They use organic goat and cow milk as well as organic vegetable oils, which contain important fatty acids. Order List of Holle Products on You can be sure that Holle Formula is without GMO.

Lebenswert Bio

Main advantages

List of Lebenswert Bio Products contains a set of vitamins, minerals and trace elements, which are necessary for the baby from the first days of life. Also, these products do not contain gluten, sugar and emulsifiers.

This formula is close to the mother's milk. The main component in this product is milk (cow or goat). It goes into use in excellent quality. All elements are necessary for the baby: fats, carbohydrates and proteins are in the needed quantity that is necessary for the child.


List of HiPP Products consist of:

  1. Probiotics
  2. Prebiotics
  3. A set of fatty acids (including Omega, as well as LC-PUFA - long-chain polyunsaturated acids)
  4. Nucleotides

The HiPP Combiotic mark guarantees the highest quality of HiPP organic products. They have strict requirements regarding organic products in accordance with the requirements of European Union legislation.


This is a high-quality brand. It is a symbol of reliable and proven products and it has all European quality standards.

List of Topfer Products for feeding a baby consist of dairy components, namely, demineralized whey (cow's milk) or casein (respectively, goat).

Just check different Organic Baby Formula Brands For Newborns and make your choice.

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