Orthopedic Mattress is the Key to Healthy Sleeping. Selection Guide

A person spends a third of the life in bed. One of the most important components of the bed is a mattress. Therefore, the choice of the mattress must be seriously approached. On the property of chosen mattress depends correct posture and well-being throughout the day after sleep.


Significant factors in choosing

While choosing a mattress you need to consider many individual factors. They are:

• hight;

• weight;

• allergies;

• physiological characteristics;

• personal preferences.

Classification of orthopedic mattresses

All offered mattresses are of two types:

1.      Spring mattresses

1.1.   mattresses on the dependent block springs or bonnel

1.2.   mattresses on the independent block spring or pocket spring

2. Springless mattresses

Thus it is impossible to say what mattress is the best. Both types have their advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, the choice of the mattress should be approached individually.

«Bonnel» is one of the oldest technology of manufacturing spring units.

Among the advantages of such mattresses can be mentioned the cost (this low cost mattresses), durability, suitable for people with overweight. The main drawback of such mattress is one spring involves in the process neighboring, creating the "hammock" effect. The mattress cannot optimally take the form of a human body. So, it is difficult to call it orthopedic.

Nowadays among the customers who care about their health, a greater preference is given to the mattresses based on the independent spring block.

"Pocket Spring" is an independent spring block in which each spring is in a separate hood of dense matter, and the hoods are sewn together. This mattress significantly increases the orthopedic effect. The mattress has high adaptive capacity to the characteristics of the structure of the human body. Due to design an undesirable vibration is excluded and the load is distributed on the mattress pointwise, so each spring does not involve neighboring. Today it is the most correct basis for spring mattresses.

Springless mattresses are traditionally made on the basis of coconut coir and latex. This is an excellent choice for those who likes tough mattresses or tough mattresses with a soft top layer. Keep in mind that tough mattresses are not very well suited for older people. But it is the best choice for children up to 12 years, because they have non-formed spine. These mattresses also well suited for those who have problems in the upper part of the spine. Springless mattress of natural materials is indispensable for those who is sensitive to static electricity, that causes fatigue, fluctuations in blood pressure, palpitations, headaches, feeling disruptions in the heart, and as a result a bad dream.

Choose a mattress that is made of environmentally friendly materials. They do not contain allergens, and they will not allocate harmful chemicals during their usage.

When choosing a mattress do not take the time and make a decision based on the individual physiological characteristics.


About the Author: Stacy Green, orthopedist in private clinic, the author of articles in popular-science magazines and freelancer at resume-for-you where she helps students with assignments.  

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