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The time change occurred over the weekend, and (as expected) my cat didn't understand it. She was hungry, and from her perspective, Mommy was being lazy. 

While I didn't get the extra hour of sleep that the end of daylight savings time promises me, it did get me thinking about our internal clocks. I recently taught my son the word "crepuscular" to describe our cat, as she is most active in the dawn and dusk times of day. Her internal rhythm is set to those times, and she doesn't actually care what our digital clocks say.

And then there was my biological clock, which I thought was a bit of a myth when I was in my early 20s, but then as I approached 30, got pretty hard to ignore. I have heard similar stories from my girlfriends, as well as stories that resulted in clocks going off much earlier.

And then there is my husband's clock. While we all know that some men also have a biological clock, it's cool to learn that theirs is often attached to health risks. The longer they wait to have a baby, the more potential risks are passed on to the baby. While we've known this to be true for women for a long time, it is fantastic that someone started to look at the ages of fathers and the role that they play.

So there you have it: Clocks. They rule our lives. Except for the cat. She keeps her own time.

Have you learned to listen to your internal clock? Share with me in the comments.

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