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If you’ve noticed that I haven’t been writing much lately, it’s because I’ve been stuck in the same rut that I’ve been in for months; tired of moving, longing to feel settled, far from the goal. I don’t to keep rehashing the same old “how does a person deal with prolonged transition?!” dilemma, but that’s pretty much what’s on my mind as of late.(that and how to get my 18-month-old to sleep better, which is equally boring to read about.)

Basically we’ll just have to settle down in Mississippi because at the moment I can’t imagine ever being ready to handle another move 😉 if only they didn’t have so many snakes here… But I digress.

The one truth I keep returning to in the midst of my moving woes is that God has provided us with what we need. As it turns out, there are a lot of things I thought were needs (or at the very least, things I accepted as essential) that are not.

things like;

-a home

-amenities like a washer, dryer, or dishwasher

-the ability to find a decent cup of coffee

-some level of control over my circumstances

But what I’ve realized is that a lot of what I’ve taken for granted as “needs” are actually things that many, many people do without— and I’m not just talking about people in developing countries.

I’m talking about my new neighbors here in Mississippi, where there are a lot of low-income families who lack all the resources I’ve listed and more.

It’s no secret that I miss home like crazy or that I’ve struggled with the idea of living in the rural south. To combat that I’ve prayed for a sense of purpose in our new community, and for a sense of peace about being here.

Living in a small apartment with an 18-month-old while we wait for more permanent housing is not on my short list of how to find that sense of purpose, but I can’t deny that we’ve learned a lot about living simply and  patience in the process. We’ve also had a lot of time together, a luxury this family does not take for granted 🙂 I’ve also begun to learn about some of the needs that exist within our new community, of which there are many. Maybe God is up to something in this crazy massive transition after all… And as always, I’ve found that sometimes the best adventures happen in the most challenging places.

I hope to write more soon, thanks for reading!

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