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Okay so I'm pretty sure that you have all gathered by now that this was Aidan's first Christmas, so you will then realize just how much excitement there was in not only our household but that of the Granny,
Grandpa, and Noona and Goompa's homes too...

To say that mommy and daddy went a little crazy with the gifts, could, well, be an
understatement, the floor under the tree was crammed with gifts and
Aidan's stocking was,i guess you could say, overflowing...

Anyway our Christmas festivities really were extended this year, it all
started with opening some pressies on Christmas eve with moms side of
the family, then Christmas day we stopped by at Noona and Goompa's to
give Nana and Granddad their little gift and was surprised to see that
the little Mr got yet another noisy toy... however mommy doesn't mind it
too much as it's not as bad as some of the toys that were around back
in her day! After we left Noona and Goompa's we went home and had a
lovely fruit breakfast and open (wait for it...) more presents and spent
the rest of the day playing with our new toys.

On Boxing day we went down the coast to visit daddy's family, and lo and behold there
were more gifts... Now both my toy boxes are full! Yes that's right i
have two! Well i suppose everyone needs just a LITTLE spoiling at we have enough toys for upstairs, downstairs and in a bag
for when we go out!!!

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