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Current Amazon.com credit $160.00 ~ all courtesy of Swagbucks
Current Target gift card credit $153.00
Current Hastings Credit $105.00
Current Kid to Kid credit $16.00
Current Walmart gift card credit $40.00 ~ all courtesy of My Points!

Total $474.00 {+$425.00 from Divine Consign, consignment sale that we are putting towards our Disney World trip! this November} with 2 more months of savings available (o:

Every year I go OVERBOARD with the gifts & every year I tell myself, 'Superself, you will NOT buy so many gifts next year!' This year I decided ahead of time to hatch a plan (o:

If you guys are following my blog (as you should), you know that Superdad & I love us some Dave Ramsey. As a matter of fact I honestly think Superdad might consider marrying Mr. Dave Ramsey if he asked (o; Anyway, Dave Ramsey has a Christmas plan. His plan is as follows - you come up with a budgeted amount that you would like to spend at Christmas & then save CASH through the year. Once Christmas comes you ONLY use the budgeted amount you saved in CASH ... NO CREDIT CARDS ALLOWED! So, I decided to take Dave Ramsey's plan to the next level. To the EXTREME ... because I roll like that (o:

I am planning to have a FREE Christmas!

Now, I know I brag about Swagbucks all of the time & it honestly is not because I only want your referral (although that would be VERY nice to have). Swagbucks is safe & legit ... I promise (o: I learned about Swagbucks through my friend Matthew who runs the site It's All Free Online. I signed up for Swagbucks about seven months ago & I already have a $160.00 credit in my Amazon.com account waiting patiently for Christmas (o:

I also just recently started to do My Points (o:

My Points is kinda like SwagBucks as you can earn points for doing what you already do online: shopping, reading emails, playing games, searching the web, taking surveys, and more! The more you do, the more Points you'll earn. If you shop or book any travel on line you can earn points. Plus most of the stores and brands you already love and trust are in one place ... making shopping, booking travel and earning points a breeze.

You can redeem your points towards rewards like Walmart, Target & Amazon.com gift card. I already have $40.00 in Walmart gift cards.

If you are interested in joining My Points you can do so here (o:

I have also been 'extreme couponing' for the last few months. Target has weekly deals that sometimes offer $5.00 & $10.00 gift cards if you purchase a particular product. If the product advertised is something that I use & have manufacturer coupons for, I buy it & keep the gift cards in an envelope for Christmas. Target also has pharmacy coupons, $10.00 Target gift cards for new &/or transferred prescriptions, so anytime I have a new prescription needing to be filled, I take it to Target. As of today I have $153.00 in Target gift card money (o:

I also participate in a huge children's consignment sale twice a year. I usually make more than $600.00 at each sale. Now, to be honest, I always end up spending at least a few hundred buying name brand children's clothes like Gymboree for pennies on the dollar ... so once we subtract what I spend from my earnings, any profit will be split towards our Disney trip & Christmas. Any items that do not sell at the consignment sale will be taken to Kid to Kid, a local children's consignment store that buys new & gently used clothes, books & toys. Whatever they offer me in trade I accept & use towards new boutique type items they carry. They also carry new Melissa & Doug items (o: I also take all of the kids old books, movies & video games to Hastings & whatever they do not buy I take to Half Price Books. I accept whatever trade amount they offer & will use that towards buying the kids new video games, board games or books for Christmas. I just save up my credit & wait to use it for Christmas. My current Kid to Kid credit is $16.00 & my current Hastings credit is $105.00 (o:

For my clothing items I take them to a women's consignment store or ebay them. Any profit that I make from the women's consignment store gets stashed away in my Christmas envelope & any ebay money gets saved up in Paypal.

... and that my friend is how I plan to have a FREE Christmas this year (o: I just pray that I can have the self-control I need when Black Friday hits on Amazon.com this year ... last year almost killed me (o:

Life As Supermom ~ http://lifeassupermom.blogspot.com/

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