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Ozeri Ultra 42 inch Wind Tower Fan Review

Look at the first photo on the right! That is the standing fan that currently sits in our dining room. It still works, but while my kids were running one day it fell and a screw from the base popped off. I keep forgetting to use a larger screw to fix it (or glue), but since we rarely eat in the dining room I only remember it there when I'm looking through the front window.

We usually have the central air running or the ceiling fans, but since school is back in session I have the opportune time to conserve energy. I'm home all day working from the computer so I can depend on the ceiling fan in the office. But, what about days when I don't feel enough air coming from it. That's when I remember my trusty standing fan...but I can't use it now that's it's leaning. Thinking of all the standing fans that are now 'resting in pieces', that's been the issue with all of them. Somehow, they all end up leaning!

Earlier this month I was offered another opportunity to review an Ozeri product. (I think I love them!) That's how I ended up with the Ozeri Ultra 42 inch Wind Tower Fan. When I saw a photo of it, I had no idea it would be so tall, but after putting it together, my first thought was WOW! It even comes with a remote, I thought only ceiling fans would! I'm not sure where in the house we'll keep it, but for now it's in the office and I'm... (continue)

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