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Is A Nanny Better Than Daycare?

If you seek answers to this question from only parenting forums or even family, the answers and feedback you receive will leave you more confused than you were before you asked the question. But the truth is that choosing between a nanny and a daycare doesn’t have to be that confusing. All you need is an understanding…

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Q: What is ELITONE? 

A: ELITONE is a new…



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You’rwoman-billse a busy mom; you have to shuffle school work, doctor notes, work papers, bills, etc… Papers, papers, papers!!! I want to focus on one section of your many papers… “your bills”. When you get your bills what do you do with them? Do you put them in a box, bin, desk or the nearest open space? Pick your poison, and I did them all, then would sort them, mark due dates on calendars, and then file them in designated files. Ideally this would look nice and neat, but did I forget to mention this was when I was able to get back to them. Not to mention that when I did get to them hoping they would still be where I put them. If they weren’t I would retrace my steps, all the while praying that the kids didn’t use them as their new art project of the week. Needless to say it was clutter in my house and late payments. Seeing that things needed to change to function better, I recently decided to go green with my bills. During this process I didn’t know it would turn into a great time saver and save some clutter from my house. I know this is probably old news to you computer guru mothers out there, but it was great for me when I figured it out and thought I would share for those of us who need a starting place. I like things quick and easy, so I supplied some lists below to help you go green with your bills! Initially this process may take awhile to set up, but it will be worth it in the end. Read the tips below and let me know if it helps your family!

1. Write down all your bills to insure that you don’t miss any.
2. Set up a new email account ie . The purpose of this new address will only be used for your bills so you drastically limit the amount of spam, if any, that you get on this account. This will allow you to get your bills faster and avoid getting lost in your personal emails.
3. If you don’t already have one set up you need to set up an online account with each of your bills. (Most, if not all, companies have a website where you can see your accounts online.) ***Make sure to setup using your new email address***
4. So you don’t have to remember several usernames try using the same user name for all your bills or different variations that your know you will remember ie..janedoe…jane214. For those of you that already have accounts set up you can go in and just change your username.
5. After you have everything set up you will need to create online folders for each of your bills. You can do this through your email service provider or in Outlook. I personally prefer Outlook because it gives you a lot of filtering choices.
6. Use your online calendar to add your bill due dates. Some of your bills probably offer alerts to be sent to your email. Just go to your online account and check your settings. I highly encourage you to use your calendar alerts and set them to pop up when you log on your computer.
7. This same process can be done with Business Expenses
8. You will read this often from me. Have an external hard drive and back up EVERYTHING!!! Once a week is good

Implementing this process will allow you to save time, money and be organized.

Time saver-If you are clutter bug like me, you will no longer have to search high and low.

Money Saver-No more late fees(If you have the money to pay it of course)

Organized-At the end of the year you will have all of your bills in neat online folders waiting for you!

About Author
Bianca Landis, a Texas-based blogger and busy mother of four started a site called Mommies Café. A website devoted to helping mommy bloggers help others while helping themselves. The site offers a place to get information about life and business as well as the opportunity to promote business. All in the time it takes to enjoy a coffee break.

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