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 Paying with interest is something that I want to avoid. I don't want to take an interest, or want to give. So, I'm not a person who takes lots of loans for different purposes in name of financing. In Canada, it is really difficult to live without taking a loan/financing and live a good life. If you don't earn well.

Here in Canada, lifestyle is good, because the rich afford to buy better and the poor can buy with financing. The poor kept paying insurance every month or by-weekly to fulfil the payment. This situation took years to pay fully and they pay more with interest. But both rich and poor can afford better homes and cars this way. And all benefits go to the business people.

In this country, I don't want a loan, I don't earn better, I don't want to pay interest. Now I'm not helping much to the business people. And also not living a better life which everybody wanted. What a life.

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