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Peaches to Beaches 2018: Our First Vendor Experience

Peaches to Beaches 2018

I have nothing but good things to say about our first family vending experience at Peaches to Beaches (P2B)! What's Peaches to Beaches?!! It's the 200-mile long annual yard sale in Georgia! If you want to know more about it, check out their official website here. If you haven't figured it out yet, my side hustle is reselling thrifted items. This year, at the last minute, I got the idea to become a vendor at the annual P2B yard sale instead of being a buyer. Normally when I conduct business, I always fly solo, but this year I thought, Why not get the whole family in on the hustle; that way everyone will walk away with a  little something in his pocket. What an excellent idea that was! Not only did everyone make some easy cash, but we actually enjoyed the experience of doing something new together. We're thinking about making this a new family tradition.

Peaches to Beaches 2018

A Series of Unfortunate Events

Okay! So it was just one event, and it wasn't that unfortunate, but...whatever. I had a pair of...dang, I'm realizing now that I didn't take any pictures of what we sold! Anyway, I had a pair of glass votive holders that resembled giant ballon wine glasses. One customer found a little entertainment in them and decided to pick one up to show his family. Somehow, he ended up breaking the bottom of one of the votive holders. I just kind of stood there and stared at him; waiting on his next move. An older lady who accompanied him said in a good-natured tone, "Uh-oh. You break, you buy it!" I was glad that she did, because since I sell primarily online, I didn't really know how to handle that situation. To make a long story short, the guy ended up taking the pair off my hands for more than asking price. My son and I agreed that that was the easiest sell of the day.

Peaches to Beaches Mother and Sons

Money, Money, Money, Mo-ney

Peaches to Beaches 2018, we worked it like a part-time job, and all our wallets got a little fatter because of it. We prepped for the event on Friday evening when we got home from work and school. This entailed cleaning out the garage, weeding out dead inventory stored in my attic, and my husband and I getting rid of unworn or unwanted stuff in our closets. We started setting up at about 7:30 a.m. at our rented outdoor space, and we packed up what didn't sell and called it quits at about 1:30 p.m. Collectively, we mad about $461! My eldest son, Harlem, made about $79. My youngest son, 'Melo, made about $47. The hubs made about $98, and since I was the one that originally purchased most of the stuff, I brought in about $239! Yep! That averaged out to be about $19/hour per person! Some people don't even make that on their jobs!

The Goal

My primary reason for deciding that we would produce instead of consume this year was obviously to make money, but it wasn't the only goal. My sons who are 8 and 10 years old, are always wanting something. As a modern parent, I want to be able to instill in them a good work ethic and to make them realize that there are other income-earning options available in life besides being an employee. While some parents scoff at the idea of paying/rewarding their kids for doing chores, I embrace it as way to teach my sons that labor is always rewarded. I often think about the strong desire that I had as a child to make money. I remember being an elementary school-aged girl and asking my mom if I could get a job at the Family Dollar store! It makes me laugh a little now, but my intentions were so serious. I was trying to be about that business...early on! My mom didn't have the insight to nurture that desire in me, but that's not a mistake I want to make with my sons. Allowing them to sell some of their belongings at Peaches to Beaches 2018 helped me to cultivate an entrepreneurial spirit within them.

Peaches to Beaches Harlem & Melo

The Unexpected Benefits of Peaches to Beaches 2018

Harlem made me so proud with his customer service and salesmanship. He approached customers, made small talk with them, demonstrated how to use the items he was selling, and set some of his own prices; all on his own. He also recognized a missed opportunity by one of the other vendors to make more money. That boy made me proud today! Another benefit that I wasn't expecting was my decluttered and newly reorganized garage that I can actually park the car in again. My online thrift store's work space had gradually overtaken my garage.

Happily Ever After

My husband and I are already planning for next year's event; thinking of ways to make even more money than we did this year. P2B from a seller's perspective was great, and I'm glad we did it. We came, we sold, we made our pockets fatter. The end!


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