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Pediatric Specialists: What do they diagnose and treat?

New parents must be aware of these branches of medical science dealing with health issues in babies and kids.

You never know what health issue your little one may face. Reaching the right doctor will ensure right treatment and faster recovery.

So here are the pediatric specialists you must be aware of

Paediatric Dietician
Specialisation: nutritional health of a baby/Child’s physical growth
Specialisation: Unborn baby’s health in mother’s womb baby, just after delivery checkup of the baby
Paediatric Immunologist
Specialisation: Immune System
Paediatric Endocrinologist
Specialisation: Growth,Hormones, puberty and diabetes.
Paediatric Nephrologist
Specialisation: Blood pressure, urinary tract, kidney and bladder related health issues.
Paediatric Geneticist
Specialisation: Metabolism, Birth defects
Paediatric Neurologist
Specialisation: Nervous system.
Paediatric Bone Surgeon
Specialisation: Childrens’ muscle, joint and bone health.
Paediatric Physiatrist
Specialisation: Rehabilitation (Therapy and medication)
Paediatric ENT Specialist
Specialisation: Ear, Nose and Throat
Paediatric Rheumatologist
Specialisation: Rheumatic health
Paediatric Radiologist
Specialisation: MRI and ultrasound or other imaging techniques
Paediatric Dermatologist
Specialisation: Skin disorders
Autism Specialists
Specialisation: Autism (Behaviour, language and social skills)
Paediatric Therapists
Specialisation: Better physical, mental and emotional condition
Know in details here

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