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Journals are my crack. They get me excited, tingly, and itching with a feeling of exhilaration each time I break a new one open. I love writing the date on the top line, followed by a verbal onslaught ranging from daily reflections, lyrics, ideas, and sometimes child-like drawings (when the words aren't quite flowing). Today I may find out if I am, indeed, with child. My monthly reminder has yet to make itself known. Which either means it is running on CP time (look it up) or a baby has taken up residence in my uterus. I will be overjoyed with the latter, but not surprised if this month is a lost cause.

This morning began another grueling day of P90X. I actually really loved this workout. It has the right combination of cardio (for my flabby parts), abs (for my poochy parts), and weights (for everything in between). We stopped just short of finishing the whole routine, bypassing the "bonus" portion, and skipping ahead to the
cool down. It wasn't that bad. I felt more toned and athletic (with a hint of queasy) then ever before. As I went to begin my morning omelet, I realized the sheer thought of 6 eggs white, cheese, and mushrooms was going to send me straight to the porcelain gods. Vitamins on an empty stomach = tossing your cookies, even when you haven't eaten any.

With nausea no longer on my mind, I was able to deal with far more life-changing events. On Friday, my 87 year old grandma moved on to her next adventure. This woman sacrificed, fed, sheltered, and loved 7 children, 14 grandchildren, and 6 great-grand-children. She taught me to drink proper tea and speak to proper boys. She provided a safe place for her family; doing all the things grandmas "should" and "shouldn't" do. She was once an artist and will always be my Nana.

With Love from Boyland,


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