Penis or No Penis...That is the Question!

Wow I can't believe the time has come to reveal the news I have been waiting for the last 4 months! I started
this blog
as a way to scratch my creative itch, as well as pursue the hopes of turning my male dominated household into a more even playing field. My goal was to research all the natural, non-invasive methods of conceiving a baby girl, and then apply them to my life. I'm an equal part believer in science and faith which led me down a road of many options. The Whelan and Shettles Method had me confused as they proposed two completely opposing theories. While both suggested timing was a key factor, Whelan's predicted producing a girl when "coloring" closer to ovulation, while Shettles said it was more likely to conceive a boy. Shettles seemed to make more scientific sense to me, so for the first two months I was all about scheduling and positioning. This did nothing for the romance department, and after some pleading from my patient hubby, I took it easy month 3. This resulted in me getting knocked up!

Since my odds of conceiving a girl were equal to a boy, I figured why not throw as much at it as I can. Something's gotta work right? I consulted the Chinese Birth Chart, which used my lunar age at conception and the month to determine the sex of the baby. This one gave me the most hope, as it clearly stated I was due for pink dresses and trips to the mall in my future. I even tried Feng Suing my bedroom to give it a more female friendly chi. I ate more "girly" foods like acidic fruits, fish, and leafy green veggies. I even bought a pink bedazzled "A" key chain to will the Universe into giving me the baby girl (whom I already picked out a name for). You name it I tried it. I figured everyone was rooting for some much needed estrogen; there was no way I wouldn't get the clone of my dreams.

Yesterday was the big day. My hubby was working, so I asked my BF, Vicki, to come with me to my ultrasound appointment. She and my boys patiently waited for the news about the new spawn. They even placed bets to see who would be right. Bryson wanted a girl, but bet on boy. Ty put his wager on girl. The winner got to pick the next movie we see (Toy Story 3 or The Karate Kid). Well I guess I was meant to wait, because this child just did not want to cooperate. The baby was sitting straight up, with its feet tucked under its legs as if in kneeling position. We saw great images of the head, spine, heart (which were all perfect and healthy), but the legs were closed tighter than a camel's ass in a sandstorm. The sonographer, Cindy suggested we try the vajazzled sonogram to get a better view from underneath. My boys bolted from the room at the sound of "Your mom needs to get naked", and Vicki kept and eye on them. I moved to my side and then over to my back and still nothing. I had the sinking feeling in my stomach that I was going to leave the office empty handed of any news. But Cindy was fabulously diligent
and kept trying. Finally after about 10 more minutes of shimmying this baby around, those two little legs parted like the red sea and I got an answer. My months of questioning and crossed fingers
had come to a climatic end.

So will I be in store for pink frills or more fart jokes and smelly

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