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 It's not about the economic situation like you or your state have no option but need to work for the economy. It's totally about people's mentality. They have seen their neighbour country was in trouble, they have seen how badly another area was affected. Now a day, people get to know very easily what is going on in other areas of this earth. Because of the internet, people can get information within a second. But still, people's mentality is, if it didn't happen with me or with my family. I won't have any problem, I can do whatever I want to. Let's arrange a get-together. Like if you don't meet with others you will die.

The reality is more painful than you can imagine. And when you will realize it, you won't have anything to reduce the pain.

And this situation isn't in only one country, this kind of activity is happening almost in every country. If we don't want any economic disaster in future, we have to hold on to put ourselves in stronger conditions to fight the virus. I'm talking about vaccination. Get vaccinated as soon as possible. Try to stay safe as much as possible, for sake of your family, your country and mostly for yourself.

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