A weighted blanket-queen size can improve your sleep in many ways, and the blanket will fit your queen-size bed perfectly without falling over. Here is a complete guide to selecting your perfect queen size weighted blanket.


What Are the Benefits of Weighted Blankets?


Weighted blankets are customarily used by insomnia patients to improve on their sleep. Even if you are not an insomnia patient; you can use a weighted blanket to help you sleep more comfortably.

Weighted blankets will make you feel relaxed and calm. They help in the production of two essential hormones: melatonin and serotonin. These two hormones play a significant role in regulating how you sleep. 

The serotonin hormone helps in reducing your brain's nerve activities, eliminating all elements of fear and worry that can prevent you from sleeping. On the other hand, the melatonin hormone will make you feel sleepy when it is the scheduled time for you to rest. Weighted blankets assist in boosting the production of these two hormones.   

Apart from improving your sleep levels, weighted blankets can help to cure a variety of diseases and disorders. Some of these disorders include anxiety, ADHD, restless leg syndrome, autism spectrum disorders and sensory processing disorders. Therefore, weighted blankets can help to improve your general health condition.  

Why Do Weighted-Blankets Work?


Weighted blankets are naturally luxurious and comfortable. The popularity of weighted blankets has increased each passing year, and they are the in-thing nowadays.   

Due to their heavy weight, you can comfortably learn to relax under them. Most people who utilize weighted blankets have reported that their sleeping conditions have improved generally with them.  

Weighted blankets are designed with the scientific mechanism of Deep Touch Pressure (DTP). DTP helps the weighted blanket to evenly distribute itself on your body, making you feel calm and relaxed. This feeling of calmness and relaxation is what will cause you to sleep comfortably.   

With the help of a weighted blanket, you will sleep all night long. You will turn and toss less. A weighted blanket will help you get better quality sleep, making you wake up more refreshed and ready for a new day.  


How to Select the Perfect Weighted Comforter Queen for Yourself


The primary criterion which you should use to select the perfect weighted comforter queen for yourself is your weight. Typically, you should go for a weighted blanket which is 10 percent of your body weight. For instance, if you weigh 140 lbs, then you should purchase a weighted blanket that is between 14 and 16 pounds. 

Children can only use a weighted blanket that is precisely 10 percent of their body weight. However, adults can utilize a queen size weighted blanket that is more than 10 per cent of their weight.  

In situations where you cannot find a weighted blanket that exactly suits your weight, then you should go for a weighted blanket that is more than 10 percent of your body weight. Scientists recommend that a heavier weighted blanket works more effectively than a lighter one.  

However, if you feel trapped and you can’t roll over easily under a heavy weighted blanket, you should replace it with a lighter one. Make sure that you don’t use a weighted blanket that is extremely small for your body weight. This will make you lose out on the benefits of weighted blankets.


Is the Height of the Weighted Blanket a Factor?


Weighted blankets come with different sizes and dimensions. However, if you want to buy a weighted blanket for your queen size bed, then the height of the blanket won’t be a big deal.  

This is because queen size weighted blankets have typically large dimensions and will fit your queen size bed comfortably.  

However, if you are purchasing a normally weighted blanket, then you will definitely have to consider its height. You should buy a weighted blanket that is longer than your height. Such a weighted blanket shall make you feel fully covered and comfortable.


Purchase Queen Size Weighted Blankets at Baloo Living


At Baloo Living, you can find the perfect queen size weighted blankets for yourself. Baloo Living is a leading supplier of queen size weighted blankets in the United States of America.  

Baloo Living’s weighted blankets usually measure sixty inches by eighty inches. These dimensions are large enough to fit your queen size bed.  

These blankets are made from pure cotton. They don’t have potentially harmful or non-biodegradable additional substances which can endanger your health. They are eco-friendly and generic, too.  

They are also weighed down by glass beads for weighted blanket. They also have quilted stitching so they will fit perfectly on your queen size bed.

Moreover, Baloo Living has a variety of weighted blankets of different colours to choose from. These colours are navy, blush pink, dove grey, oatmeal and white.  


Final Thoughts on Queen Size Weighted Blankets


Toddlers usually use “blankies” to keep them comfortable and warm. This is where the concept of weighted blankets came about.


Even though weighted blankets came into the public sphere recently, they have been used for a very long time in the past. Weighted blankets were previously used by hospitals and mental institutions to keep their patients under control. Such patients were suffering from anxiety, insomnia and depression.


Because these patients were able to sleep peacefully, it became obvious that these blankets could help the general public. Therefore, these blankets were rolled out to the public in large masses.


Queen size weighted blankets are a great alternative to long-term sedative-hypnotic medications such as sleeping pills. Therefore, if you have sleeping problems, you should purchase a weighted comforter.


It can be challenging to find the right queen size weighted blanket which can fit your queen size bed. This is where Baloo Living comes in. At Baloo Living, you will get perfect weighted blankets of appropriate sizes for your queen size beds.


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