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Perfect tips for throwing a preschool birthday party for kids

For several kids, their birthday is their loving holiday. And it is, as it is a day completely dedicated to them. The birthday is complete with balloons, cake, snacks, presents, and singing.

Although several parents have issues with the idea of planning a birthday party, the preschool age is the perfect time to throw a bash. Here is how to make arrangements and keep everyone engaged:

Do everything age-appropriate

While throwing a preschool birthday party, you should keep the age of your child in mind. For most of the guests, ensure everything, from bag treats to activities, is age-appropriate. Stay focused on the age of the birthday child if there is an extensive array of ages.

The age of a child is an excellent indicator of the number of children to be invited. In general, people follow the thumb rule of one kid for each year plus 2. Try to keep six children in your guest list if your baby is of 4 years. Age also has a crucial role in selecting the location and theme for the party. Younger kids feel comfortable being at home, however, try to know your baby’s choice.

Set activities

Being natural is always fun. However, scheduling is the way you can go for the preschool birthday bash. Do planning activities for a short period. Keep the intervals for 10-15 minutes for each activity. Do it before the cake if you have planned something special for kids. Try to avoid setting activities in which the kids have to wait for their own turn. Consider coloring pages, bubbles, freeze dance, pasting personalized labels and stickers on presents, books, etc. to include while setting the activities for the bash. Ensure to have the support of one adult for each activity.

Fix a start and end time     

For any party, it is crucial to have a starting and ending time. Avoid leaving the bash open-ended, as it can confuse the guests. By mentioning the beginning and ending time, you ensure them that they can plan for the rest of the day. Usually, the party for kids under 5 lasts for 90 minutes to 2 hours.

Mention the relevant information in the invitation

As you have planned the preschool birthday party for your kid, it is sure you will invite the children of the same age. You will send an invitation to them. In the invitation, you must mention all relevant information such as party time, venue detail, etc.

Select the location

Home is the best place to throw the preschool birthday bash. You can choose other places like a park if you have no enough space to organize the party and related activities. The place that you will select should be easily accessible and it must have recreation facilities. Local Park or daycare center would be the best place for organizing the bash. Book such a place in advance.

Book the entertainment

You should ask some relevant questions while hiring a performer for your kid’s bash. The questions can be based on performance time, costume, etc. It would be better to ask the entertainer to stay in the same dress during the party, as changing dress can confuse the little guests.

Decide the menu

Pizza is the most favored dish in several preschool birthday parties. There are many items that you can include in the menu apart from pizza. Think including hot dogs, chicken nuggets, bagels, small sandwiches, vegetables, and fruits that are favorite of many kids. Apart from being easy to prepare, these items please adult guests.

Select the party theme

Whether your preschool kid loves Handy Manny, Dora or Mr. Bean, chances are that you can easily find goodies in a wide range from plates to hangings. From decoration to foods and crafts, make everything based on the selected theme.

For example, you chose Dora as the theme. You can finalize an adventure course, and ask the little guests for making animal masks. Paste stickers with custom label design on the mask to personalize the same. You can choose Thomas as a theme. In this, you can serve sandwiches cut from the train-formed cookie cutters.

Bake or buy the cake

Before you do anything for the cake, talk to your child and find out his/her likes. A cake is a good option; however, ice cream sundaes, cupcakes, or big cookies are the ones you can consider. You can apply the theme either by decorating with tiny toys/drawings or baking your own cake. Buy from the best baker if you choose to buy the cake.

Pick out fun favors

In the end, give goody bags to each child when the party comes to an end. You have numerous options if you have selected Mickey Mouse as your kid’s bash theme. You can buy notepads, pens, personalized labels and stickers based on the theme.

For children, it does not matter what type of party they are having. They love drink cups. These drink cups are of a dual purpose - either you can use the drink cups at the party or send the same home with the little guests. You can think about buying a coloring book/shovel for each of the guests.

Prepare for presents

Gifts are a highlight of the party. You may need to train your kids a little if you decide to open the presents in the mid of the bash. Your child can get a duplicate or the one he/she does not like. Therefore, coach your kid not to disclose the presents to the world, and toys should be in their packets.

Ensure to send thank-you notes to all the little guests when the party is over. Do this job yourself. However, you can ask your child to write names on thank-you notes if he/she can do. By this, you will encourage him/her to learn good manners.    

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