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I can't tell you how much better I feel now that I have been honest about not being perfect.

It's a huge weight lifted off my shoulders.

It was a tough role to pull off, that perfection thing, and as great as I am at being an actress (send those scripts my way!), this was one gig I had to let go.

While it's great to always strive towards being better, I would dare to say, it's a good thing nobody ever achieves perfection while living.

Perfection just isn't relatable. Normal, whatever "normal" is, isn't that what we love in others anyway? We love the humanness, the honesty, the vulnerability...

As much as I hated going through the hard times in my life, at least it has brought me to where I am. Because you see, now I can relate to others in regards to bad decisions, heartbreak, regret, death, losing loved ones, marriage, childbirth, postpartum depression, motherhood, anxiety...(or actually, just look at my blog topics to the right...that pretty much sums it up!)
In going through all of my ups and downs, I have gained insight, if not at least a story to tell. And as a writer, that's a good thing to have.
I was thinking about this the other day when Jimmy and I were fighting about the whole "embracing my role as a stay at home mother" thing (again). I hated the fight, but you know what? I felt like I got some good writing out of it. And, through my writing and in sharing it, I found that I wasn't alone.
So, without our struggles, how would we ever relate? And if we could never relate, who would ever want to be our friend?
But there is another side to this, in my opinion, and it's that we can't be strugglers all the time either. Because then it's just as annoying as those who are pretending to be "perfect" or who think they have it all together. Negative Nelly and Debbie Downer are NOT names I want associated with myself. I want to be relatable, but not too relatable.
My motto? Have the moment, be honest with others about it, and then buck up and "move through it," as my friends Shelby says.
When I think of the people in my life I look up to, the ones I admire..they aren't perfect.
They're human.
Perfection really is overrated.
*this has been a part of Mama Kat's Writers Workshop*

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