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Health Benefits Of CBD Oil For Dogs And Cats

Having furry companions is probably the best experience for people who love animals and constant companionship. Pet ownership involves a lot of sacrifices, responsibilities, and memorable moments. As you receive emotional fulfillment from your pets, you should return the favor by keeping them safe and healthy, as…


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If you are need of pest control in York PA, I think I can help. York has it's own unique set of bugs such as stink bugs, termites, Odorous House Ants, spiders, centipedes and many other pests needing control.

First of all, if you are currently having pest control problem in York PA and you need help right away, I recommend calling a local pest control company such as Dominion Pest Control. They can be reached anywhere in York County toll free: 1-800-490-6979.

So, with that in mind, let's talk about pest problems that are normally found in York. How about we start with termites? Termites usually swarm in York around April--May. With a lot of snow, there could be many termite swarms due to moisture content in the ground, causing the termites to forage to the surface more readily. If you have termites flying around in the house, call a local pest control company such as Dominion right away. Don't panic though, the ones flying around the house are not the ones eating the house, they are called termite workers. They can eat about 10 feet in a 2X4 per year. For a little foe, they can eat you out of house and home, and you don't even know it! The big mistake here is when folks think they can treat termites themselves. Not so. You should be licensed if you even know how, due to the amount of chemical needed to control them. Which brings me to my next point: you can't just spray the baseboards for these guys, the pest control product needs to go where the little guys are--in the ground. Termite pest control companies in York have the right tools for this, so I say leave it up to the pros.

Okay, let us go back to a nasty pest needing control in York: stink bugs. If you have ever smashed one, you know that they have earned their name! I recommend flushing them down the drain until you can find a company that is not afraid to treat them come to your home. Locally owned Dominion Pest Control was featured tackling these stinkers in Lancaster Newspapers story Residents Raise Stink Over Bugs (with video here) and in the York Daily Record's story, Bugs Raise Stink in Region. Stink bugs will enter from the outside of your home and penetrate the window frames, door frames, come down chimneys (yes they do!), and even wall-mounted and window-mounted air-conditioners. They best way to get rid of stink bugs is to have the outside of your home powersprayed quarterly. If you wait until you see this pest inside your York PA home, you have waited too long. Do not go into the winter without a powerspray if you were seeing stink bugs in the spring, or you will have a surprise in the middle of winter; a stinky surprise! Not to mention they leave their odor in the walls for next years return--it's not good, trust me. I am being told that some of the national pest control companies do not want to treat for stink bugs, so even if you have another pest problem in York PA currently, and you get stink bugs, are you going to pay for another exterminating company? Me neither.

Next, it is the Odorous House Ant, which invades York County homes. They invade all towns, from Wrightsville to West York, from Lewisberry to Red Lion, to Shrewsbury. The common mistake that folks make is to spray the ants themselves with something they found at the hardware store. Let me just say--bad move! Odorous House Ants have an instinct called "fracturing", or some pest control companies in York call it "budding". This means that when a certain number of worker ants do not come home, a queen panics and splits the colony. Now you have double the trouble. Keep spraying and watch your problem quadruple--no kidding. Professionals such as Dominion Pest Control technicians will tell you to use non-repellents that are transferable. This means they get the pest control product on them and share it with the rest of the family. It can take up to a week even with the best products, so you want to be patient, even after a professional treatment.

Well, I ran out of time today, but I hope this helps you if you need pest control in York PA. You may call my heroes at Dominion Pest Control if you need more information; they are always glad to help. Chow for now!

Maria D. & Husband

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