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Pest control-Its methods and procedures

A pest is a little bug or an insect that destroys by affecting fields, crops, agricultural lands, and sometimes spreads diseases in the plants and livestock, etc. Pests have been known to destroy millions of fields. Examples of pests are locusts that destroy entire agricultural lands in a matter of minutes. Then there are common things like mosquitoes and rodents etc. 

What is pest control?

The main purpose of pest control is to regulate or even eliminate the pests that are harming the land or anything else in any way. Pest control is very necessary as these pests if allowed to roam freely can destroy lands that can cause a shortage of food and destruction of important lands that can yield many products that are sent to other countries to boost the economy of the country. 

Methods of pest control

There are three primary methods of pest control that are:

  1. Cultural 
  2. Biological 
  3. Chemical

As the name shows, the cultural method is the traditional method that people use to ward off the pests. 

  • Cultural Method

These are the more vintage ways that people have been carrying out for a while now in fact these methods were even used thousands of years ago to get rid of pests. These include the use of hands to operate machines and simple equipment. Fences, wires, and other physical things are put up which act as a barrier around the farms that stop the insects or pests from reaching them. There is also a method known as crop rotation in which different plant varieties are grown in the same area which doesn’t give the pests a host on which they can rely.

  • Biological Method

Biological methods of pest control are not very old methods. These have been recently introduced and are very effective. It uses other animals or insects to stop the pest. It uses the process of symbiosis, which is the method of predator and prey relation. But it has its side-effects, the biggest being that sometimes the organisms that have been released to kill the pest can themselves be dangerous for the crops

  • Chemical Method

This is the most used method these days. Chemicals have been introduced called pesticides that contain chemicals that are dangerous for the pests. The pesticides are sprayed on the fields and when pests eat them the chemicals enter and kill them. For example, to kill mosquitoes we have a spray that weakens and eventually kills them.

A major household pest that is mostly found in Portland is the spider. People report a lot of spider webs in their homes and some of them are even poisonous. Spider exterminator Portland is very common because these spiders are needed to be controlled so that no one gets bitten by them. Other pests in households include lizards, rats, moths, and mosquitos. These are the most common household pets although there are plenty of others too. There are sprays and other things available that help you to kill and get rid of them.

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