Dogs and cats tend to get pet illnesses here and there, much of those illnesses depend on what runs in the breed, physical build, living conditions, and care and treatment by owner. However even under the most perfect conditions, just like people there are some illnesses that dogs and cats are prone to have, some more often than others.

One of the most important aspects of being a responsible and aware pet owner is keeping pet wellness practices in gear. Here is a list of the top ten pet illnesses for dogs and cats that will help you with pet wellness areas to keep an eye out for and an approach to dealing with them.

Top 10 pet illnesses for Dogs

1. ear infection
2. skin allergy
3. skin infection/hot spots
4. vomiting
5. diarrhea
6. bladder infection
7. arthritis
8. soft-tissue trauma
9. noncancerous tumor
10. eye infection

Top 10 Pet Illnesses for Cats

1. lower urinary tract problems
2. vomiting
3. chronic renal failure
4. hyperthyroidism
5. diabetes mellitus
6. diarrhea
7. skin allergy
8. dental disease
9. ear infection
10. eye infection

So...what does this mean for you as a dog or cat owner?
  • It means you need to have some idea of what symptoms occur with each of the above illnesses. For example, being aware of dental disease symptoms, causes, preventions and treatments. Symptoms of ear of eye infections, preventions, causes and treatments.
  • It means knowing which of the above pet illnesses are most common in your breed of pet.
  • It means you should expect that you will have to take your dog or cat to the vet for some for some of the above illnesses and understanding it comes with the territory of owning a pet, and in order to have the illness diagnosed.
When it comes to treatments of the above pet illnesses there are other equally good choices to over the counter expensive medicines, and conventional ways, which is why it is a good pet wellness practice to consider pet natural health care before seeking out expensive unsafe drugs for your pet.

As a pet owner you can make quite a savings on pet care by considering natural remedies prior to over the counter. This is not to say that you need never visit the vet, but finding out the problem from a professional and then healing your pet at home before resulting to harsh over the counter expensive medicines. It is no secret nowadays that going natural whenever possible is an added welcome to the human body. It is no different for animals and pets alike. Pet natural health care is a healthy, vibrant, life sustaining way to treat your pet and yourself.

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