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Pick a Purpose- Kids CAN Make a Difference

Recently, we helped at a garage sale that was raising funds for several charities.  (Tiny Hands International and a Honduras Mission I believe it's Nueva Esperanza Honduras  I talked to my kids ahead of time before we went to help and helped them to understand why we were participating.  In addition, thinking of the lemonade stand post (, I offered to allow them to sell lemonade and cookies again but this time for donating to Charities.  

They manned that lemonade stand for 2 days- rotating shifts and allowing other kids to help.  They offered 2 cookies that they had assisted in making and a small cup of lemonade for $1.00 donation.  They manage to raise $140 in funds. A lot of people donated additional money, moved by the spirit of children ready to serve a cause.  My children were incredibly proud of the work they accomplished and they focused on the needs of someone else.  

This month we are packing boxes for Operation Christmas Child (discussed in this blog post- and I hope to do more than that.  

What happens when kids get involved?

  • They focus on someone's needs rather than their own wants.
  • You develop a desire to help others that should last far into the future.
  • They become aware of social issues.
  • They understand that one person's small contribution can impact many.
  • They gain a spirit of unselfishness.
  • Pride (of the right kind)- they gain confidence and self-worth.

This happened to be on the K-Love Facebook Page this week:
"God, today I am thankful for Your promise of an ABUNDANT life. Oh Lord, help us to move beyond a "survivalist" mentality and into the ABUNDANT life You have called us to!

For You say, "The thief comes only in order to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance (to the full, till it overflows)." John 10:10 (Amplified)

Father, show us the ways we can enjoy our lives more, show us the abundance that You have already provided, and help it to overflow on those around us. 

In Jesus' name, Amen."

-Amanda Carroll

Well said! 

Pick a purpose for your family.  It's BEST when the kids can do something of a service nature, rather than just spending your money.  Here are some suggestions, most of which we have done ourselves:

  • Visit the nursing home, bring homemade Christmas cards from your kids to give your children a way to interact without feeling awkward.  Walk around handing them out and brighten up some lonely lives!
  • Serve at the local food bank.  They often repackage food to give out, unload boxes and much more.  It doesn't require much strength or responsibility but contact your local foodbank to find out volunteer requirements. (find one here:
  • Participate in a run/walk for charity.  There are endless opportunities typically, no matter where you live.  Look up Relay for Life for example.
  • Help them set up a donation box at local retail locations that will allow such charity.  Collect coats, blankets, canned foods, etc.
  • Pack homeless packages to give when panhandlers are asking for money.  Pack a gallon size bag with a toothbrush, toothpaste, hand sanitizer, baby wipes, deodorant, a small bible, a snack, a water bottle, etc.  Keep these in your car (or offer to others to keep in their car) and when faced with someone begging for money, have an adult offer the package instead of money.  I would not suggest the child giving out the packages, but packing them for others to hand out.
  • Explore a website like to pick projects.
  • Help a disabled or elderly person you know with their yard or other difficult projects. 
  • Write letters and create homemade cards for Breast Cancer patients.  (
  • Craft/Sew something for one of the many worthy causes.  (
  • Walk dogs at the local animal shelter.
  • Clean a local park or neighborhood (gloves, trashbags and caution required).

Don't wait! This is the season to do good, as much as it is a season of shopping.  If you start now, you are likely to continue giving and doing on into the new year.  As always, please share your ideas and experiences!

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