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Pink Has Always Been The Statement For Brides, This Time It's For The Grooms!

Gone are the days when the grooms were all adorned in simple, plain and formal colours. The grooms of the modern times have left behind age old conceptions and traditions, making way for new fashion statements at weddings. By dressing themselves in warm and bright colours, they are simply rocking their weddings in style.

Pink, traditionally considered as a faminine colour has emerged as the trendiest of choices for the grooms. Grooms these days are adorning themselves in different shades and patterns of pink. One of the most compact colours, pink can be clubbed with various other colours and worn for various pre wedding and wedding ceremonies. Symbolizing romance, love, caring and passion, pink has become the new black.

1. Compliment A Light Coloured Kurta With A Bright Pink Jacket:

It's understandable that not everyone wants to look like the Pink Panther, so why not match it with some other colours. For pre-wedding functions like Haldi and Mehendi you can think about a classy pink Nehru jacket over your pastel coloured kurta-churidar. The bright pink on a light shade will surely allow you to capture the attention of the guests and also your very special, would-be.

Images Courtesy: Shades Photography

2. A Subtle Shade Of Pink For The Traditional Haldi Functions:

Not a big fan of too bright colours? Then try a softer look and pick yourself a subtle shade of pink to compliment the glow of Haldi on the day of Haldi ritual. A light shaded Nehru jacket featuring pastel colour palette or a dusty pink bandhgala set will do wonders and makes a perfect statement.

Image Courtesy: Snowdrop Photography

3. Pink And A Generous Dash Of Gold:

Have the heart of an artist? Love playing with colours? Why not play with pink for your wedding attire? With so many different shades of pink on offer, you can club it with other colours to create a stunning combination. Adorn a bright pink Kurta with a golden or silver jacket for a funky and cool look. Or team up your pink sherwani with a golden dupatta for a classy look that will surely gather a lot attention. Golden colour seems to perfectly complement pinks and creates a perfect regal look.

Image Courtesy: Subodh Bajpai photography

4. A Pink Jodhpuri Kurta With Floral Work:

What about going for that all royal Rajasthani look for your wedding? Imagine yourself in a pink Jodhpuri kurta, for the royal and elegant look. Team it up with a pink turban or Safa and beads for a look that will steal glances from the bride. Choose a lighter shade of pink with dark pink floral work or a golden work.

Image Courtesy: Subodh Bajpai photography

5. Jodhpuri Suit, A Fusion In Pink:

A fan of modern formal suits? Wanna opt one for your wedding? Why not opt a fusion of modern and traditional? Undoubtedly, Formal suits are the most simple, no mess attire for the groom. But nothing can really beat a traditional attire. The Jodhpuri Suit, is the middle path between a formal suit and a traditional attire. One of the most flawless attires of India, Jodhpuri suits are your best bet for that lasting impression on your bride's heart. A Jodhpuri suit in dark pink accompanied with Jodhpuri shoes will make you feel like a Rajwadi prince.

6. Go Pink with your Tux:

A classy, well tailored suit is perfect for wedding ceremony or a reception. There are several ways you can induce pink into your formal wedding wear and make a grand statement. From an all-in-all pink suit to a bold pink jacket or pink vests, feel free to go pink as much as you like. For those who prefer a more classy look, a quirky pink tie or a silk bow is enough to be bold.

Be it for the bride or the groom, pink seems to be just the perfect colour. Pink attires accompanied with the right accessories can make any groom the talk of the wedding. So just mix and match your attire with that of the bride and make all the guests go awww... Break the stereotypes and make some bold fashion statements by wearing pinks of all shades! Also there's no fun in looking better alone, so why not look better together.

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