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Planning a Kid's Party? Unleash Your Kid's Creativity with Virtual Art Classes and Live Music

If you're like me, you've just about run out of ideas of things to do with your kids, and now, a birthday is coming up, which of course, you're expected to plan, and you don't have a clue how to make it fun and safe. I recently found out about the Virtual entertainment company Paint and Sip LIVE at, and it's a fun, safe, and engaging event for kids and adults of all ages. The party events combine music with art, captivating kids in a new experience. And since there's a live DJ, the paint parties often turn into a dance party! So, the kids also get moving!

The lovely Artistic Director Sharon Ureña said," I love kids! I've instructed children ages 4 to 17. They all have a ball doing the paint party with us.  Just today, I held a party for kids ages 4 through 9. I've realized that the younger kids don't enjoy a full two hours and get a little antsy. They're good with 1-1.5 hours. We play kid's bop-style music and play any songs the kids request as long as it's wholesome. And we dance around. It's a blast for all."


One mom described her experience as following, "The day of the event, I logged on to Zoom on my laptop but felt it would be challenging for all three kids to see what was going on. The instructor is very tech-savvy, assisted me to connect my laptop to the TV, where the kids could view the event better. That was so amazing how she went above and beyond to ensure the kids enjoyed every experience of the virtual paint party. The instructor had the kids' attention and was very patient when explaining the steps for the painting. The kids were able to follow along, and their paintings came out amazing."


Paint and Sip LIVE instructors will help you set up your class on your TV or computer. Just download the app Zoom. The Private birthday parties cost $49 per person and include shipping of the full painting kit. The minimum guest count is ten kids. Learn more and reach out at or @paintandsiplive on Instagram.

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