Planning a Natural Birth: Dos and Don’ts

Birth is not always predictable. Every woman will have a different experience, and every birth will unfold uniquely. There will always be exceptions to the “rules” when it comes to Mother Nature! With that said, there are some general “dos and don’ts” to keep in mind when planning a natual birth.

Do: Learn about normal birth

If you don’t know what normal birth looks like, it is much harder to know when something isn’t normal. Taking the time to learn about labor and birth is an important piece of planning your natural birth. The more you know, the more confident you will feel in your choices. (Make sure to check out this website for a FREE natural birth video guide!)

Don’t: Listen to horror stories

Just about every pregnant person has had the experience of another mom wanting to tell them about their traumatic or painful birth experience. While these women deserve a place to share their stories, you also deserve to protect your positive mindset! It can be hard to stop someone mid-story, but try to practice saying something like, “Thank you for sharing, but while I am preparing for birth, I am only allowing positive thoughts about birth into my space!”

Do: Make a plan to cope

There’s no denying it: natural labor can be intense. On the bright side, there are many ways to cope with the sensations of labor that don’t include unnecessary interventions! Plan on taking some time to learn about natural pain-management techniques if you are planning a medication-free birth.

Birthing in Trance is an affordable class that will teach you how to easily and quickly slip into trance during labor, without the need for extensive daily practice like other hypnobirthing courses.

Whatever coping methods you decide on, make sure your birth team knows your plan and is prepared to help you in the ways you want!

Don’t: Schedule an unnecessary induction

Most of the time, babies start the labor process when they are ready to be born. Waiting for your body and baby to be ready is perhaps one of the most important factors that will contribute to a smooth, complication-free labor. Induction of labor almost always leads to other interventions, so avoid scheduling one unless there is a true medical reason for it.

Do: Find your why

Why do you want to have a natural birth? Only you can answer that question for yourself! Write down your reasons and put them in a visible place to remind yourself of them every day.

Don’t: Ignore your intuition

On the flip side of finding your why is listening to your intuition. If you feel that something is wrong or needs to be addressed, go with your gut! There are times when medical intervention is absolutely life-saving and necessary.

Want to learn more about natural birth, pain-management techniques, and tuning into your intuition? Visit Birthing in Trance to watch a FREE Natural Birth Guide taught by experienced midwife Michelle Brain! 

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