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Please Vote and Help My Daughter's New School Get a Playground

My daughter will be starting school next year in a new school that just opened in our community. The picture above is the location where a playground may one day be installed. Sadly, for some reason no money was allocated to build the children a playground. The children who have started there this year are currently running around on a gravel field during recess, with nothing to play with. The people of our community have rallied and have entered our school in the Aviva Community Fund and we have made the semi-finals. There are 9 days left to vote, and you can vote everyday. Registration is easy and you would be helping the kids in my community have some where safe to play while they are at school. We are not a rich community and it will take ages for us to raise the money on our own.

Check out the video here:
Please Vote for Our Playground

If you vote for University Highlands Elementary School to have a new playground you would be helping my daughter have a great place to go to school next year!

Here is the link to our idea, thanks for checking it out! CONTEST ENDS DECEMBER 15TH!

xoxo Theresa

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