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I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas! My holiday was filled with so much laughter, appreciation, gratitude, and food, I wish I could run through it one more time. Now, my excitement holds fast for an approaching new year. As usual, for my daughter, this was "the best Christmas ever"! She had her Christmas list prepared early, and I was stumped by the  #1 request on it: Mannequin heads. She loves to do her hair: mine, dolls, her dad's (not much there, but...). So anyway, the mission was on, because if I couldn't get anything else, I knew this was the one, the main gift that counted above all. I got online and started hunting. The prices were ridiculous and the shipping fees should have been ashamed of themselves.

Her dad joined in on the hunt, and together we found some acceptable prices of $30 (not including the astronomical shipping fees), they were shipping from China, but the appearance of the heads were a little creepy, so this was a no go. I wanted to get baby girl a minimum of three heads, but I wasn't trying to spend an arm and a leg in the process. I also wanted her to have at least one Black mannequin in the bunch, and that was impossible to find online. So with five days before Christmas, while walking through a store, I realized the one place I hadn't tried: the community hair store. Yes, the hair store in the community, that has all the necessities for black haircare and more.

As I walked into the store, I was greeted by an overflow of hair options and mannequin heads. A smile ran across my face as I looked for a sale tag on the heads, but I couldn't find a price. Next, I went to the counter, and asked, "Do you sale mannequin heads?" She looked at me as if she didn't know what I said, or what to say. So I changed my question, after I realized what her answer was going to be, to, "I'd like to buy a mannequin head, or two. Can we discuss a price?" Immediately she came from behind the counter and said, "Yes."

Yay, I left the store with four heads, for the price of one!  Yes! Curly hair head, straight hair head, wet'n wavy head, long hair head, just what baby girl wanted, for sure. The amazement on her face Christmas morning, is one that I will never forget. I'm telling you, she fainted over and over, after opening each head. On top of that, she got the guitar she wanted, the Bogo stick I told her she would hurt herself on, the Fortune Cookie Maker she only told Santa about, amongst other unexpected gifts. It was a good day.

Post Christmas joy and excitement is spread throughout the house. It shows on the face of my baby girl, and throughout the living room floor. Now, my excitement holds fast for an approaching new year. As we move forward to closing this year out, there is still time to receive an anticipated gift, a desired want, or a coveted must have. I didn't know how I was going to pull the mannequin head request off, without losing my own head in the process, but in the end it all worked out, in my favor. And this is how I believe this year is going to end for you and me. Don't get caught up in what you did or didn't get done this year, be encouraged by what you did and stay focused on what you have to do. In the end, it will come together and work out for you, giving results better than you ever imagined.

(Left) Baby girl astonished by the BoGo stick. (Above) Third time fainting within 10 minutes of gift unwrapping.

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