Post Workout Routine: How To Relieve Muscle Pain

It's essential to get a fair amount of moderate to high-intensity exercise each day. This is especially vital if you have fitness goals that you're trying to achieve for yourself. 

The problem that too often arises is that post-workout muscle pain causes people to skip a day or two of working out, and that break prevents the consistent growth of lean muscle mass. Here are a few ways to cope with post-workout muscle pain to ensure you'll stay on track with your fitness routine.

Eat Some Mushrooms

Eating mushrooms after a workout does more for you than just providing your body with a natural source of protein and fiber. Additionally, they contain antioxidants that act as anti-inflammatory agents.

These anti-inflammatory compounds attack the cytokines that cause your muscles to become inflamed. Lower inflammation will result in less muscle discomfort. Since mushrooms don't contain sugar and have a low caloric count, they're some of the best things you can munch on after a workout.

Don't Forget to Cool Down

If you experience a great deal of post-workout muscle pain, a lack of a cooling down period may be to blame. In a recent study, researchers found that athletes who engaged in a cool-down period involved in a 50% decrease in their average workout intensity experienced less muscle pain. 

Additionally, they were able to do up to three times as much in their following workouts. For the best results, your cool-down period should last for a minimum of 20 minutes. You should schedule these 20 minutes into your workout time each day. In addition to helping your workout recovery, it will help you build up greater endurance for your next workout.

Go For a Massage

Going for a deep tissue massage after a strength training workout will help reduce muscular pain in a couple of different ways. It helps to reduce the production of cytokines, which means you'll experience less inflammation overall. The massage will also stimulate cellular activity, which allows the body to repair and protect lean muscle mass. If you're a runner, you can enjoy similar results by using a foot massager at home.

Drink Tart Cherry Juice

A delicious treat that's also great for your post-workout recovery is a cup of tart cherry juice. In a past study, long-distance runners were asked to drink tart cherry juice for eight consecutive days after their run.

They reported a noticeable decrease in muscle pain. The researchers believe the reduced pain was the result of both antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties of the juice. It should be noted that cherry juice also contains sugar, so people with diabetes may want to skip this option in favor of keeping their blood glucose levels better regulated.

Get Sufficient Sleep

Your amount and quality of sleep play a significant role in your workout recovery. When you don't get a total of seven to eight hours of sleep each night, the result is releasing more cytokines and higher amounts of inflammation throughout your body. 

Conversely, sleeping well produces the opposite effects. As you sleep, your brain releases a variety of helpful hormones and neurotransmitters. Among other roles, these hormones promote muscle repair and growth. This is why soreness is improved after a good night's sleep.

You should look for several more ways to alleviate your post-workout muscle pain. A variety of methods will ensure that the things you try will remain effective. Conversely, using the same pain relief methods will cause you to build up a tolerance that will prevent you from alleviating muscle pain. 

Just as variety in your workouts helps build more muscle, a broad range of pain relief methods will help you recover faster.

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