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I will be the first to acknowledge that my two sons are as different as they come. 
One has brown hair and brown eyes.
The other- blonde hair and blue eyes.
One is outgoing and makes friends with ease.
The other, though loud and rambunctious- an introvert.
One loves sports.
The other loves to entertain and make people laugh.
One loves to sit and read stories while the other couldn't sit still if his life depended on it.
. However, I figured there would be a few basic things, like potty training, that would be fairly similar for both of my boys. But I'm learning that that is not the case. I count myself lucky that both Hayden and Rylan were potty trained early (for boys). Each had mastered the skill of peeing in the toilet by the age of 2. But Rylan is still struggling with not needing a pull up at night and he is now 3 1/2. 
While I am not a novice in the potty training department, I have exhausted my resources and am now enlisting your help. What worked with Hayden is simply not working with Rylan.
He'll do well for a couple of days nights and then all of a sudden begins to have accidents again. I *think* that he is just so groggy when he first wakes up in the morning that it doesn't register that he needs to go to the potty, and that is when he wets the bed. I'm trying to wean him from the pulls up, but I cannot afford to wash his sheets and bed cover every single day until he gets the hang of it. 
{He's fine during the day. It's just at night that we are having issues}
Do you have any advice? 
What techniques did you use when potty training your child?

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Comment by Megan Card on July 25, 2012 at 3:31pm

Thank you Ami for the advice! I'm glad to hear that this isn't a major issue. Your information was extremely helpful. :)

Comment by Ami Mizell-Flint on July 25, 2012 at 3:27pm

My son had the same problem, and the doctor said that for some kids, their bladders just aren't big enough to go all night. He said that while some kids are able to go all night, others are not able to until closer to 5. He also said there are age points that he typically sees the problems stopping- I think they were 3,5,7,10,and 12. (Unfortunately, mine was about 10 when he completely stopped having accidents at night!) We just had an extra set of sheets next to his bed, starting when he was about 5, he would wake up, change the sheets, and put the dirty ones in front of the washing machine. When he was about 8, he would actually put them in the washing machine and start it! Lol, I wouldn't wish the bed-wetting thing on any mom, but it sure was a good way to get him in the habit of doing his own laundry :)

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