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Preeclampsia effects and symptoms

Preeclampsia is the pregnancy complication which leads to kidney damage and high blood pressure as well as other problems. It is a life threatening condition which affects at least 5 percent of pregnant women in the USA alone.

If you are pregnant, you should visit your healthcare provider for a screening. Keep in mind your health care provider will take your blood pressure whenever you go for a prenatal visit. When you have high blood pressure, you will have to test your urine for protein presence.

Preeclampsia can develop mostly in the last trimester; however, you may still suffer from it in the second trimester, during labor, and within six weeks of the delivery. It can become worse immediately or it can progress slowly. When it is not put under control, then it can cause many health problems for you or the baby.

The effects of preeclampsia  

Most of the women who suffer from preeclampsia will develop it when they are nearing the due date and they will do fine if they are well taken care of. However, you are at a higher risk if you develop the condition early during your pregnancy and if you suffer from threatening symptoms. If this is your case, you will need to deliver the baby soon before the condition gets worse.  

Preeclampsia constricts the blood vessels which leads to high blood pressure and it reduces the blood flow which affects the internal organs like brain, kidneys and liver. The changes will cause small blood vessels to leak out the fluid into the tissues which leads to swelling. When the tiny blood vessels found within the kidneys leak, then the protein found in the bloodstream will be spilled into the urine.

When there is low blood flow in the uterus, it may affect the baby which can lead to placental abruption, too little of the amniotic fluid and poor growth. The baby also may be born prematurely if there is a need to protect the mother and the baby.

The symptoms of preeclampsia

Preeclampsia will not always lead to noticeable symptoms and this is especially when it is at an early stage. Symptoms may be also different from one woman to another. Some of the symptoms can be weight gain, nausea and swelling which are the same as those of any other normal pregnancy symptoms making diagnosis difficult.

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