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Pregnancy After Stillbirth: How to Respond to Strangers Asking Questions

Last week, I was in a meeting with a client who asked about my blog. Specifically, what I write about. This has become a weird question for me since our loss, because I don’t know how to say that I write about baby loss without really going into detail. And that gets awkward, because it’s a highly emotional topic for a professional setting.

So instead of going into detail, I just include it in a list of topics that wind up on my little corner of the internet, hoping that they don’t want to know more. It’s not that I can’t talk about it. It’s more that it catches me off guard. And if you’ve lost like I have, then you know how unpredictable your responses can be when someone catches you off guard, asking about your lost baby...Continue reading at The Mommyhood Project

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