Preparing a child for school: is it necessary or not?

Every child at the beginning of school is going through a period of adaptation to the new conditions, to the new requirements, the new load. And if you prepare your child for school, he or she will show good results during learning progress, make relationships with classmates easily and his relationship with the teacher will be good too.

Almost all parents are aware of the necessity of preparing a child for school. But not all of them want to take some measures in order their children gain some knowledge and feel free attending classes at school. Majority of parents are too busy to undertake such business, but another part of them just don’t care. They think their children will automatically adapt to the learning environment without their help. But in almost cases they are wrong. Your children need your attention and care. Your help and support! Do not be uncaring!

Where to prepare a child for school?                                       

  1. To teach at home using special books, cubes, tables, countable sticks;
  2. Visit special training courses at the school;
  3. Turn to private tutors;
  4. Enroll in child development center in the preparation group for school.

How do I know whether a child is ready for school?

To check the readiness of the child for school education, you need to turn to a psychologist and undergo special psycho examination, where your child will be offered series of tests. The examination program should meet the scientific criteria and requirements. It also should consist of professional tests. It is advisable to go through this study for six months or a year before the start of schooling - in this case, you will have time to correct something and for development. Even if you are hope on one of many custom essay writing services, as, for example The sooner you do this, the more you will have time to prepare.

How to determine the psychological readiness for school?

  1. He/she understands why it’s necessary to go to school;
  2. Your child wants to learn;
  3. He or she knows how to communicate with children and adults;
  4. He/she is able to collect his/her stuff
  5. Knows how to obey the rules;
  6. He/she is able to express his/her point of view;
  7. Can do the job on his/her own;

About the author: Frank Olin is a freelancer, he is interested in fashion, sports and online education. He enjoys watching featurettes and reading historical books.   

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