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My son and I were returning from the shoe store, when he asked me to give him an overview of what happens during puberty. I am starting to get used to these moments with my son - he likes to ask questions while we are in the car. From his perspective this makes a lot of sense: He doesn't have to have his parents looking directly at him, he has a captive audience and he can get all his questions answered.

So, we talked about puberty during the 20-minute drive home. We talked about the way each gender experiences it, the physical and emotional changes, the age of rages it could occur in, and how everyone goes through it. We ended with a reminder that when he is going through puberty he can always talk about what he is experiencing and ask questions when he has them.

I was prepared to have this conversation. I've been frank with my son about sex and anatomy for several years. I figured that if I am not squeamish about the topic and use the same tone and confidence I use when I am teaching him how to cook, then he will always feel comfortable asking me questions when he has them. (Hint: It helps to use the correct anatomical terms.)

I am sure that more talks about puberty are coming. I read a helpful reminder that some children go through puberty much earlier than we realize (with some girls starting at age 7.) While that is difficult for some parents to think about, this made me remember that my little boy is quickly growing up.

What tips do you have for helping your child prepare for puberty? Tell me in the comments.

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