In vitro fertilization with an egg is an alternative method of conceiving a child. The procedure is carried out in the case of diagnosed female infertility.

In vitro fertilization with an egg is an alternative method of conceiving a child. The procedure is carried out in the case of diagnosed female infertility. During IVF, a fertility specialist retrieves an egg from a donor, fertilizes it with the sperm of the husband or sexual partner, and then puts the embryo in the recipient's uterus. The technique helps to conceive a healthy child even in cases when other treatment methods failed to work. IVF with donor oocytes is prescribed to women who have not conceived for 1 year when having an active sexual life without contraception. The procedure has a peculiarity – the patient will not be able to transfer her set of genes to the unborn child. Therefore, it is prescribed in cases where other conception techniques did not produce the desired results. This procedure must be performed only by specialists in an approved egg donor center.

The specialists of reproductive health clinics successfully carry out the fertilization of someone else's eggs. The doctors collect medical history, prescribe a comprehensive instrumental and laboratory examinations, and carefully select donors for the removal of oocytes. Such an approach increases the chances of successful embryo implantation and its further gestation.

Egg carriers are women who voluntarily donate immature oocytes, which will be later fertilized and implanted into the uterine cavity of a recipient. There are rigorous requirements imposed on donors indicating that the candidates must:

  • be under 35;
  • lead a healthy lifestyle (do not drink alcohol, consume narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances, etc.);
  • do not have hereditary diseases;
  • work in conditions that are harmless to health;
  • have a psychiatric report confirming the absence of neuropsychiatric pathologies;
  • get a medical note from the gynecologist about the absence of the reproductive system diseases.

An IVF procedure is preceded by some preparations. At this stage, a donor is prescribed to undergo a comprehensive examination with laboratory and instrumental methods. The examinations should be carried out by a general practitioner, gynecologist, psychiatrist, narcologist. If any chronic diseases are observed, the donor may be referred for an examination by highly specialized doctors (otolaryngologist, ophthalmologist, surgeon, etc.).

This in vitro fertilization method has both advantages and disadvantages. The main advantage of the procedure lies in the fact that it allows receiving a viable egg cell from the very start. The main disadvantage of this method is associated with its price since the cost of fertilization carried out with the help of egg donation is rather high. 

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