Products with a Purpose: Vegan Brands That Give Back

Every so often I like to feature products for good and brands that give back. It is important for me to not only use such products but share their work with others. These products with a purpose are all about vegan skincare. I use them daily. Most of these products I get from Whole Foods Market, Ulta, or respective sites.


  1. Mad Hippie Antioxidant Facial Oil: I love, love, love Mad Hippie! I use their antioxidant facial oil to keep my face moist throughout the day. I like that the oil is basically made from fruit and vegetable extracts and various oils like argan and sunflower seed oil. It never breaks my face out and is not harsh. Mad Hippie gives back to Save the Elephants, The Ocean Cleanup, and Whole Planet Foundation among others. In fact, $1 from every websale goes to conservation.
  2. CannaCell Exfoliate Scrub: I first came across CannaCell at Whole Foods Market. The THC-free products are entirely vegan made from hemp stem cells. Some scrubs can be extremely harsh on your face, but CannaCell’s exfoliate scrub is gentle and revitalizing. Andalou Naturals, the company that makes CannaCell products gives back to women’s organizations including Vital Voices and SHE-CAN.
  3. Whole Foods 365 Toner: I love toner because it simply gets my face ready for the moisturizers and oils I use. For me, toners are basically the same so I opt for Whole Foods’ 365 toner. It comes in lavender and rose petals. I like them both. Whole Foods gives back to its Whole Planet Foundation which provides microfinance loans to entrepreneurs, especially women.
  4. Whole Foods Acne Care Charcoal Cleanser: While I like to use a full range of facial products I tend to stick with a few brands only. Whenever I get a pimple I like to stop it cold with Whole Foods’ acne care charcoal cleanser. I found that it works wonders for me. I don’t need some of the other harsh and chemical-laden acne products. This vegan one does just fine. I only use a small amount when needed and it lasts forever! As mentioned, they give back to the Whole Planet Foundation.
  5. CannaCell Happy Day Cream: I like to use this right before I put on my Mad Hippie facial oil. They work perfectly together. The Happy Day Cream doesn’t have much of a scent, so the combination with it and the Mad Hippie isn’t too fragrant.I’ve found the Happy Day Cream keeps my face moisturized for most of the day.
  6. Good Soap: One of Whole Foods’ most ubiquitous body care products is Good Soap. I use it every day even though the price has gone up. What hasn’t these days? They have a few vegan bars including coastal breeze, golden milk, vanilla haze and cedarwood. 100% of the proceeds help families and communities around the world. That certainly makes the new price all worth it!

Do you use vegan products that give back?

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