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So, New Year's is a little different for me this year. I am 4-months pregnant, so while I excitedly see "everyone" sharing their New Year's resolutions, I feel a little outside of it all. There won't be any intense workout programs to kick-off...no nutritional cleanses...no programs aimed to get me back into my skinny jeans by the end of the month. Frankly, it's a little bit of a bummer to be on the sidelines of that world right now.

But, I don't just have to benched for the season, right? After a rough first trimester of queasiness, total physical exhaustion, and some other issues that, for the sake of my image, I will not get into, the skies are clearing, and I finally feel a little more like myself. After so much time away from good healthy habits, I will admit to pausing and really thinking about how to proceed from there. Do I just take it easy and enjoy the break from working out? Should I can my calorie counting and just eat what I want with abandon for awhile? I mean, I'm pregnant (for the last time to boot)...it's like a free pass, right? And so the internal dialogue went, as I spent my afternoons lounging on the couch, eating crackers or toast, and enjoying not having to worry about it...not having to care about myself for the first time in a long time.

Then, I thought of what it would be like, if I continued down this road. Coming back from a pregnancy is a long, hard road, as I'm sure so many of you know. Did I want to make it even harder? Truth be told, I'd been missing be able to run after my son and still hate the fact that I can't crawl around on playground equipment with him or take him down slides. If I let go of myself...the self that fought so hard to lose the baby weight the first time, who learned how to fuel herself with good foods and passed the lesson on to her family, and who accomplished goals she never thought possible...who would I be then? Would I then become the mom that Project Supermom was designed to help?

No, not me. I can't take the risk of staying on the sidelines of my life for any longer than necessary. Instead of focusing on what I can't do, I've looked to friends and other supermoms and have chosen to focus on what I CAN do like revising my workouts to be shorter and less intense but to get the job done. I've adjusted my calories to a maintenance level and monitor them daily, just like before. I allow for breadsticks and rice to be on the menu more often then they were before, while still fluffing meals and snacks with any and all of the fruits and veggies that I can get down without gagging up a storm. And, I went ahead and made a resolutions list:

--finish this pregnancy with the healthiest habits possible
--maintain a healthy diet, postpartum, while cutting down on some of the excess calories I'm currently enjoying
--start stroller walking, as soon as I am able
--start abdominal exercises 3-4 times a week, as soon as I am able
--circle back with Beachbody's Power90 workout program, before moving into P90X
--run...yes, I said run...two of our local late summer/early fall 5k races
--complete the Denver half-marathon in the fall
--complete the Run the Republic stair climb of 56 flights, straight up, in the winter

All of this with recovering from a birth that will include a c-section delivery, nursing the new baby full-time, caring for my spirited toddler, getting back into the groove of late nights and plenty of red wine with my Hubby, balancing work, AND trying to squeeze back into my tiny jeans and shirts and skirts that I feel like I just earned my way into. Can I do this? I have to try. I have to go for my goals, because I have learned I am quite capable of reaching them. After all, I owe this baby the very best mommy I can be, too!

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