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Protect Vulnerable Treasures to reduce violent crime against children and adults might literally require an act of the U.S. Congress and/or a constitutional amendment, but we firmly believe our nation’s children are worth it! According to the U. S. Department of Human Services, about 5.8 million children are reported abused each year. Please unite with Hope For Children Foundation to protect our most vulnerable treasures!

Our most vulnerable treasures!

Protect Vulnerable Treasures – Our Nations Children

All children and adults deserve to feel confident to better protect themselves from abuse throughout their lives. Our recommendations to reduce violent crime are as follows: We recommend the integration of training focused on prevention of abuse into the national academic curriculum. While the specific details of the curriculum’s implementation will need to be worked out with various stakeholders, teachers, parents, legal authorities, we suggest thirty minute daily classes from kindergarten through university level students to impact the decrease of violent crime.

Protect Vulnerable Treasures – Proposed National Curriculum

We would also offer similar criteria curriculum to adults. These classes would address:

1 Building character, including respect for self and others;

2. Signs and symptoms of sexual assault/domestic violence and what to do if you suspect someone being abused;

3. Children – using proven age appropriate developed curricula in school through university level.

4. Adults – similar curricula offered to businesses, churches and interested community entities.

Course objectives

Build Character;

Instill respect for self, friends, family, teachers, coworkers, neighbors and the general public;
Equip students to recognize and respond to signs and symptoms of sexual assault and domestic violence;

Educate students about how to recognize, prevent and respond to substance abuse;
Teach students about healing and recovery from abuse;
Teach citizens of all ages how to respond to acts of sexual assault and domestic violence;
Empower children as well as adults to make educated and informed decisions.

Hope for Children Foundation, click here to visit our blog.

Some Programs Making a Positive Impact
on Americans are reference on CDC’s

Web site: https://www.cdc.gov/ViolencePrevention/childmaltreatment/


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