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DB-E800_LRGIn my town, when you move up to the 4th grade, children can select a musical instrument to learn in school. They can pick from flutes, saxophones, oboes, bells, tubas, french horns, violins, violas, cellos, clarinets, trombones, the string bass, snare drums.

My little angel came home from school just before it ended in June, excited because he was given the instrument that was his first choice. Yay him!

The String Bass.

Yes, the largest instrument they offered. Awesome. Mommy gets to schlep a bass back and fourth to school for entire school year. It was so "him" of him to pick it in the first place. And whatever my little uber-prince fine with me.

The reason I bring this up tonight is because I sat here filling out the paperwork for the rental of this fine classical instrument. The String Bass.
  • The Flute, Violin, Bells, Trombone: $79 a year
  • The Oboe, Sax, Cello: $159 a year
  • The String Bass: Ahem $279 a year.
Lucky me. $279, a huge ass instrument to lug around, and the privilege of getting to nag him to practice the thing once the novelty of it wears off. And now that I read the fine print, I see that the teacher requires certain additional items totaling another$99. PLUS the security deposit and maintanence, which brings this lovely experience to a whopping grand total of just under $500.

I'm sure I'll be posting sometime in October about the joys of listening to him practice. Stay tuned........


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