do ya wanna know a secret?

When you look at successful people, regardless of their niche, they all seem to have one thing in common…they do things pretty much the same as everyone else except they have a little something they add to the mix that sets them apart. This one little thing is the thing that tips the scales just enough to sky-rocket them to a greater level of success.

They have a secret.

It can be a secret ingredient, secret step, secret strategy or secret tool. For us to reach the level of success we see in these people, we must learn their secret and apply it to our situation or create that special something on our own.

Highly successful people have studied, researched and tested in order to discover a new twist to make what is already good great! Some have taken what others are already doing and built on it to create a better, faster or more efficient and effective way.

The golden rule I live by is that there is no need to re-invent the wheel. When what is available works, don’t mess with it! But at the same time use your experiences and knowledge to improve upon it.

I just had this very thing happen to me in regards to beginning an online business. The goal is to gain the greatest exposure so that you can reach as many people as possible. To do that you first create a website that will draw enough visitors to get the powers that be at “Google” to notice you and place you as close to the top of the search engine page as possible. That way searchers will find you more quickly…hence, more visitors!

But here’s a secret that I just learned…it is not the number of visitors that will gain you Google’s attention, but the number of “new” visitors! This is one of those little “missing” secrets that not everyone knows about that will make a huge impact on your Google ranking and ultimately the success of your company! I am so glad I now know it and now you do too! I got this tip from a very successful online business coach, Sandi Krakowski of

Sandi Krakowski has grown her million dollar online business to over 150,000 clients in less than eight months and receives top billing everyday in Google for helping people start their own on-line businesses by using this "secret" information! It is amazing the huge difference knowing these golden nuggets of information can have!

So let’s apply this premise to parenting. What if I told you that like most parents, although you are doing all you know to do to raise your children to have a healthy level of self-esteem, a positive self-image and a co-operative spirit there was one thing missing that would take your parenting journey to the next level?

  • What if you could take your parenting skills to a higher level of success that would hugely impact your children’s success?

  • What if you could dramatically improve your relationship with your children now and down the road?

  • What if you had information that brought greater joy and harmony to your entire family?

  • What if you had the “missing secret to parenting”…that one thing that would tip the scales from a having a good parenting experience to having a great parenting experience?

Wouldn't you agree that knowing this “secret” to provide you and your children with all of that and more is worth the price of a daily coffee? Say YES! right now, and you will immediately receive “The Missing Secret to Parenting” at a ridiculously discounted rate.

Reg. $47.77

NOW Only $ 19.97

Don’t Hesitate! This offer is only good for the next 72 hours!

“The Missing Secret to Parenting” is offered as an e-Book download so that you can begin immediately applying the tips, tools and strategies that so many parents are just not equipped with!
PS. And just as soon as you have grabbed your copy, could you do me a favor and go ahead and click the share, like and tweet buttons so that all of your friends can have access to this life-changing information...
Let's get the secret out!!!

Denny Hagel is a child advocate and parent coach, devoting over 25 years to the success and well being of all children. She is the published author of over 50 articles on parenting, several of which have attracted international attention, and is a contributor to the parenting section of "The Infinite Field Magazine".

Denny was blessed with forward thinking parents who raised her with an understanding of her value as an individual, her innate power to choose by way of her thoughts, ideas, opinions and beliefs, thus, instilling in her a strong sense of personal responsibility for what happens in our lives

She is the founder of Awakened Parenting LLC, a company dedicated to helping parents release parenting paradigms of the past and consciously choose to raise their children to approach life with a positive mindset and strong sense of self. It is Denny’s passion to combine what she learned through her formal education in early childhood education and psychology and what her parents instilled in her and pass this on to all parents.

Denny has created the discussion group "Awakened Parenting Discussion Forum" on Face Book which now has over 700 members.  She does on line coaching with parents and teachers who consult her on a regular basis. Denny collaborates with counselors, authors, coaches and others working in the parent coaching field. Denny Hagel is the author of the newly published "The Missing Secret to Parenting", "The C.P.R. Program for Parents & Teens: Conflict Prevention/Resolution Formula", "Mini-Me Syndrome" and two free e-booklets Parenting Using the Law of Attraction and Becoming an Awakened Parent".


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