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Pursuing Top Two Weight Loss Career Paths Ideal for Women

Everyone is aware that the U.S.A has a grave weight issue. It is quite well-known that Americans eat far too much and quite poorly. They also tend to expend very little energy. As per the statistics, around one-third of the adult American population is overweight and over one-third could be termed as obese. This has obviously, made way for an impressive and elaborate weight loss industry that is known to include different business models like gym instructors, personal trainers, diet drugs, diet plans, medical procedures, home delivery of diet food, gym memberships, and meal consultants etc.

Here are some of the important weight loss careers you could focus on in terms of salary, job satisfaction, and growing demand for the job.

Weight Loss Consultant

Weight loss consultant does the job of counseling people with weight issues, guiding them every step of the way. For pursuing this profession, you need patience, the presence of mind, and confidence. You should be a people’s person and must communicate fluently.

Educational Prerequisites: The best thing about pursuing the career of a weight loss consultant is that you simply require a high school diploma. However, if your ambition is to get employed by reputed organizations only then you might focus on getting your bachelor degree in any field related to fitness, nutrition, or health in general. Most of the weight loss consultants make their jobs secure by getting proper certifications and accreditations from AFPA or ACE. They prefer taking continuing education classes to stay abreast with the latest in the weight loss industry.You must gain sound knowledge about supplements and prohormone stack for bodybuilding.

The minimum educational requirements make this job quite easy to obtain. However, that would also imply that there would be a tremendous competition. You must be an excellent salesperson and must point out your USP and sell yourself confidently. Moreover, the job demands a lot of interaction on a one-to-one basis. So work on your communication skills.

Bariatric Nurse

Bariatric surgery is all about giving someone a brand new life. Today, more and more people are opting for bariatric surgery or the effective gastric bypass surgery for losing a remarkable amount of weight. This is making way for a healthier and longer life for the obese patients. In most cases, patients lose almost as much as 100 pounds in one go. They definitely start leading a much improved and active life. There has been a surge in the bariatric surgery of late and obviously, there is an increased demand for bariatric surgeons and bariatric nurses and all those personnel who are related to the bariatric treatment for the increased number of obese patients.

Bariatric nurses are known to specialize in the bariatric treatment and they take care of the obese patients who undergo bariatric surgery. Bariatric nurses work typically in bariatric treatment centers and also in private surgical clinics specializing in bariatric surgery. They assist reputed bariatric surgeons.

Educational Prerequisites: We have the well-known ‘Certified Bariatric Nurse Program’ that has been chalked out successfully by the ‘American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery’. This has been formulated toevaluate and assess thoroughly the professional competence and efficiency levels of the bariatric nursing professionals. Candidates must be presentlyapproved as an RN. Moreover, she must complete minimum two years and adequate experience in the nursing care and treatment of bariatric-surgery patients and morbidly obese people.


Women prove to be excellent weight loss career professionals as they are dedicated, patient, and they have an inherent compassion for the sick and those who are suffering from some issues or the other. They are intrinsically empathetic and so they prove to be good weight loss counselors or consultants and bariatric nurses. Patients are able to open up and share their problems and anxieties with them. 

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