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Technology has unfortunately made many children prefer to sit in front of a screen and play computer games the whole day. This means that they're not able to gain the advantages of physical exercise that is important for their growth and development.

It is therefore important that you encourage the children to put down the video games and go play outside. While we are not saying that you should deny them access to the video games, just tone it down to maybe an hour per day, with more emphasis placed on them playing outside of the home.

Pediatricians worldwide will tell you why it is important for children to play outside. We will explore some of the reasons below and maybe convince you to encourage them to go out more often.

Advantages of play to children.

With play children learn, they can practice sounds try new vocabulary and learn new skills. The interaction with other children makes them more social and better able to cope with other people. Further, play allows for the building of imagination and creativity. They use complex thinking to solve challenges thus a great foundation for learning and problem-solving.

Play allows for better interaction between you and the child. This encourages good communication as well as the chance for you to correct them when they go wrong. When a child plays outside they reduce anxiety and stress which can come from boredom.  They also improve their emotional capacity and are therefore able to deal with change and challenges that life will throw at them.

The physical benefits of play are immense. One of the leading causes of obesity is lack of physical exercise when a child plays outside; they exercise their bodies resulting in reduced cases of obesity. They build muscles and improve bone density leading to better overall health.

What to watch out for.

It is however very important for you as a parent, to pay attention to where your children are playing. There is a risk of physical danger that can result from some of the activities they undertake.  A brain injury lawyer can advise you on the best course of action to take if a child gets an injury in the playground.

Children also run the risk of catching infections from other children and dirty playground equipment. Make sure they wash their hands before they eat anything when they come from the playground. Carry sanitizers or wet wipes in case you're going to have a picnic once they are out of the playground.

While video games can be a great babysitter, you should allow your children to go out and run around with the other kids. Not only will it aid in physical and mental development, it will also help them develop social skills and creativity. Be vigilant while they are out to avoid injuries and also instill in them that they should never talk to strangers on the playground because you don’t know which pervert is out there.

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