What's the funniest thing your child/children has ever done?

1: My favorite part about being a mom is the moment i walk into the room and my children are just sitting there so innocent looking , the look in their eyes are wonderful , because they have no idea what's in store for them in the future , the learn something new everyday and the feeling of happiness on their faces is priceless , and that right there is worth it all. all the crying , screaming and fighting . and i can truly say that's my favorite part about being a mom !!

2: Funniest thing my children have ever done.. the be honest i don't really have one for this one... not that my children are not funny lol but there is so many and to choose one is way to hard, if you have a funny moment please share i would love to hear about it !

I would love to hear what you lovely moms have to say.. please comment below and lets chat !!

remember its real talk with moms ..

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