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Monday, August 9, 2010
Quality versus Quantity--Parenting, Food, Exercise and more
Is life about quality versus quantity? Growing up in Paris, I would say "QUALITY" is my motto.

It has helped me think before making impulsive decisions as it relates to the following areas in my life:

* Food choice (I prefer to buy fresh good quality food, than processed items.)
* Exercise (I prefer to do short focused work outs, than hours on the treadmill.)
* Clothing/shoes (I prefer to buy one item I really like than three on sale that are just okay.)
* Friendships (I prefer one or two "very close" friends I can count on than fifty superficial ones.)
* Coffee (I prefer one cup of excellent coffee a day, than three cups of weak coffee)

But there is one item where I don't believe quality time counts more than quantity of time and that's raising your kids.

My three sons on vacation 2007

How we raise our kids is a very "touchy" subject. And I won't argue with you, because you know what you're doing is the right thing for your family. So let me say, that as far as my own situation, I did what felt right to me. I stayed home with my kids.

WHY? Because,

* I was lucky to have a husband who could afford to pay our bills.
* My husband supported me in sharing the same beliefs.
* I wanted to stay home and raise my three sons rather than have them in a childcare.
* I wanted to cook family meals and shop for fresh food like my mother did when I was a kid living in Europe.
* I wanted to be less tired and less stressed at home and not worry about my job.


* I enjoyed raising my kids.
* I was home when my teenager started getting in trouble and could take care of the problems.
* I gave my husband less stress by taking care of him and our family.
* I offered a set table and family dinners every night, to stimulate family conversations.


* I felt guilty about not paying the bills.
* I did not offer my husband a break from quitting a job he didn't enjoy by helping out financially.
* I have been out of the the competitive workforce for twenty years, and can only find minimum wage jobs despite having a Bachelors in Environmental Science.

My recommendations:

Stop worrying about whether you're doing the right thing or the wrong thing by working or staying home with your kids.
Do what feels right to you. Don't listen to articles that tell you, "Stay home and raise your kids. If you can't, you can't.
Don't listen to articles that say, "Kids do better with a few hours of quality time parenting at night when you get home." If you able to, and want to stay home, then do it.

Who really cares what the media tells you. Each kid, and each parent is different. Believe me, I know from my own three kids. So do what feels right to you.

That's why I drink quality coffee every day. It just feels right and makes me happy, even if the media says too much caffeine can cause breast cancer. I've also read articles that state caffeine is good for you.

Smile. Make the right choice for you. Enjoy life.

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