Quick And Easy Hair Styling Tips For Moms

As a mom, time is such a luxury that you cannot even find the time to fix your hair. But, this doesn't mean that your tresses also have to look like a mess whenever you go out. Your hair is your crowning glory, just like what most people say, and there are many ways for you to style it to perfection without taking much of your time and energy.

If you're in dire need of quick and easy hair styling methods, this article got you covered!  With the tips that are included here, you're guaranteed a more pleasant and put-together look every time you leave your home.

  1. The Messy Bun

The messy bun could be one of your go-to hairstyles when you’re in a rush. The great thing about a messy bun is that it's very versatile. You can wear it at home while doing the chores, and you may as well rock it as you go out to get the groceries or run errands.

In order to achieve that perfect messy bun, here are some tips:

  • Keep the base of your messy bun, which is the ponytail, tight and secure, so that it can last you through the entire day.
  • If you want to keep your messy bun more long-lasting, secure it with hair spray.
  • Add volume to your messy bun not by creating it yourself (as this can make your bun less secure), but with the help of a trusty dry shampoo.
  1. The Easy Chignon Bun

For a fancier look, you may want to consider the easy chignon. It's not as too put-together as an updo, but it's also not as messy as an ordinary bun. Chignons are also done on the lower part of your head, usually in the nape area. 

First, part your hair according to the way you want it, then smooth it behind your ears. Then, gather the remaining hair at the back of your neck.

Next, twist the gathered hair to pull it up, and continue rolling in a counter-clockwise direction. As you do this step, you may also want to continuously apply hairspray to achieve better grip. Hold it into place by securing with an elastic band and bobby pins.

  1. The High Ponytail

Another favorite and go-to hairstyle for moms is the high ponytail. Almost every busy mom loves to go for this option. It's easy, fuss-free, and it also lasts the whole day. Just remember, however, that when you're going for the high ponytail, you've got to keep it secure as much as possible. Don't make it too loose, else the ponytail will only end up looking messier than ever as you go through your day.

To keep your high ponytail looking chic and classy, you might also want to keep the color of your elastic band to a plain or neutral color. Also, don't even bother using your little girl's hair tie.

  1. The Quick Curly Hair

Just because you don't have an extra hour on your hands, it doesn't mean that you can never enjoy elegant and bouncy curls. A good way for you to prep your hair is to set it in curlers the night before, while you sleep. You can even tie it in a bun, and set the curls with a curling cream. When you wake up, you'll have natural-looking curls. To make them last the entire day, all you need to do is set it still or hold it in place with hair spray.

  1. The Half Updo

The half updo looks great, especially when you've got naturally curly hair, or when you've curled your hair in the morning. When you've got no time to blow dry or even wash your "just-woke-up-like-this" hair, then the best hairstyle for you to go about with it is to tie it in a half up-do.

You can do this by first grabbing a section of hair from the crown area. Then, secure it with a pin or a hair tie.


When you have kids, you're going to go through so many changes in your life. One of these has to do with the fact that your hairstyle will drastically change. Gone are the days of one-hour glam hairdos!  But, this should never mean that you have to look unkempt every time. When you feel you're in dire need of that picker-upper, keep these hairstyles in mind. Even in just a short amount of time, these hairstyling tips are going to have you looking better than you have ever imagined.

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Comment by Rati Kaul on May 1, 2020 at 12:34pm

 I mostly end up making ponytail at almost all occasions :)

Comment by Sara Lucero on April 30, 2020 at 5:12pm

I've found myself wearing a hat a lot more since the hairdressers shut haha

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