Quick and Easy Home Cleaning Tips for Busy Moms

As a working mom with children, I often wish that my home would just clean itself so I didn’t have to! … I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks this, and I’m pretty sure I’m not the first person to be crawling the internet looking for quicker solutions. As a fellow blogger, I’m sure you’ve tried some of the tips out there, which guarantee that they work to free up time for you to be spending on the things that you love. As good as they sound, you sadly find they rarely last and in reality, aren’t practical enough to implement. Upon discovering this, I learned I was tackling this the wrong way. I learnt that rather than a cleaning tip like using vinegar on XYZ, it was changing my home to allow for minimal effort and easy maintenance that solved my issue! Here I encourage you to follow suit. Rather than fighting against the rising tide of mess and despair, the following tips can help you to cleverly manage your home environments before life has an opportunity to get in the way!

Tackling Clutter  

If you’re a working from home mother, clutter is often your worst enemy – it’s often surprising to see mess accumulate from thin air, leaving you to question, since when did we have all of these toys! A simple issue to tackle, and one that has a massive impact, it’s time to get strict. It’s much easier to keep on top of your home and keep it clean when it isn’t filled with clutter. Review what you have and what you need. Things like ornaments and books may look inviting but they are known dust gatherers. If you have some things that you don’t use but can’t bear to part with, stick them in the attic or a storage unit so that the rooms can breathe. With fewer things to take up space, it’s fewer things to clean and a quicker job all around. If you have a lot of belongings then get smart with storage. Ensure that you’re making the most of every nook, and consider furniture with integral storage space so that your surface space is left clutter-free and easy to clean.

Clear the Curtains & Welcome the Window Shutters

A new interior trend that is taking over but one that is a favorite with those who like to do minimal housework, window shutters. Whilst curtains and drapes are a traditional home addition, they bring about their issues. Dust, grime, mold, pet hair and fabric stains are just some of the problems that come with curtains. Why not consider window shutters? Coming in a wide range of colors, styles and finishes, shutters have the same effects as curtains but with much less hassle and maintenance needed. Sure, a quick wipe down may be the same as curtains but you don’t have to worry about having to remove them, wash them or about plucking out hairs making things much simpler all around.

Furniture That Gives You Freedom

As good as a suede sofa’s look when you’re at the shop when this is at home and you have a high traffic household, it doesn’t keep it look for long – not to mention how different it looks with a spaghetti Bolognese stain on it! As parents, some of our biggest sacrifices come when choosing how to paint and furnish our homes. We have to be practical about our homemaking decisions until the children are old enough to control their urges to wipe dirty fingers onto fabric. Leather sofas or cane conservatory furniture is a great step for moms as they’re so easy to clean and look after. They come with specialist cleaning fabrics and covers that can be removed and machine washed. Once bought, invest in some stain and scent repellant to treat your range with to keep it looking newer for longer. With fabrics that minimize the number of stains they gather and how much hoovering you’ll have to do, it makes for a reduced cleaning time.

The Chaos of Carpets

The best decision I made was to get rid of my carpets. Carpets are a chore and need constant work to keep looking clean and fresh. The key lies in hard flooring such a laminate, vinyl tiles or hardwood itself. Floors with minimal seams and non-porous seals can be swept and mopped in no time and are easily wiped clean in the event of an accident. If you want some fabric you can always add a mat or rug, as they’re only small, it makes cleaning much easier on the whole.

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