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Quick and Easy Mom Makeup Steps for Everyday Routine

Motherhood is wonderfully rewarding, but at times it can leave you very little time for yourself. Taking care of your bundle of joy and possibly alongside having a full-time job is often a huge challenge, leaving you with very little time to take care of your skin and makeup. Keeping in mind the fact that regular skincare is paramount for your looks, we bring you a few quick and easy tips for mastering your makeup.

Keep your skin hydrated

One of the basic rules of skincare is always keeping your skin moisturized and supple. Applying hydrating creams or serums will give your skin a lovely glow, making it look young and flawless. Daily SPF-rich moisturizers will protect your skin from the outdoor influence while making it look plump and healthy. This will be the perfect preparation for makeup. The only way foundation can look natural and blend in nicely is with solid preparation.

A little bit of concealer goes a long way

Sleepless nights are sometimes inevitable when you’re a parent, but luckily makeup can always come to the rescue. This is when a quality concealer will be a lifesaver. The trick that will guarantee you cover up the dark circles completely is to apply a color corrector first. Depending on the shade of your dark circles, be it blue, purple or red, you should pick out yellow, salmon or green corrector to cancel out the dark hues. Apply a foundation over the entire face and top up the look with a light concealer on the problematic areas.

Even out your skin tone

A quality foundation is an absolute must when it comes to achieving a flawless look without spending hours in front of the mirror. Make sure you are using the right foundation for your skin type, to achieve the most beautiful natural look. With a myriad of makeup products available, you can easily get side-tracked, so it would be a much better choice to buy cosmetics online instead of spending hours at the store. After all, a mom’s life tends to be super hectic, so why spend it browsing endlessly through the shop, when you can find your perfect cosmetics online and buy it quickly and easily. Once you’ve applied the foundation, you’ll be ready for the next step that will make your eyes truly pop.

Slash the eyelash

A quality mascara is all a woman needs to let her eyes sparkle. Just adding a bit of length and volume to the lashes can truly make a difference. Your eyes will look brighter and make the rest of the makeup put together. Another trick that you can apply to visually widen your eyes is to add a touch of white highlight to the inner corner of your eyes. You'll look fresh and more awake within seconds. If you’re fighting sleepless nights, resort to eye drops for an even more woken-up look.

Glow away

The perfect finishing touch to your makeup routine should always include a rosy shade of blush. It’ll make you look naturally blushed and fresh if you only dab a little bit of blush on your cheeks. Whether you go for creamy or powder blusher, make sure it’s perfect for your skin tone. To save time, feel free to use the blush as an eyeshadow as well. If on some days you want to warm up your face, a bronzer will be the right answer. Plus, it can also double up as an eyeshadow, saving you time from browsing through your endless choices of makeup palettes. Now, that you have your fresh look on, all you need to make your skin dewy and healthy-looking is a touch of highlighter on top of your cheekbones. On the days when you think blush is too much, feel free to just dab a bit of highlighter on top of your cheekbones and you're all set. It'll bring out the necessary freshness without even making you look like you're wearing makeup.

Plump up that pout

Your lips require special attention all year long, so be sure you always have a lip balm in your purse. Cold weather isn’t the only cause of chapped lips. The sun can also wreak havoc on your pout. That’s why you should dab some lip balm every time you’re leaving the house. Prep your lips before applying lipstick by using a lip scrub and applying lip balm right after you moisturize your face. This will allow the lips to absorb the balm just in time for you to apply the lipstick or lip gloss in the end.

Final thoughts

No makeup routine is too difficult and time-consuming when you know the tricks to make you look fabulous. All you need to remember is to moisturize regularly, pick out the right foundation and concealer, and with a bit of volumizing mascara and a touch of blush mixed with a highlighter, your makeup routine won't require too much time and you'll always look rest and fresh.

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